Form Generator

£6.95 / monthly
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  • Design your own contact form, questionnaire or newsletter sign up module
  • No expensive custom work needed to make forms
  • Easily manage all your forms and get notified when you have new entries



    “Raise the engagement of your visitors by designing your own contact form, questionnaire or newsletter sign up module”



    Why Form Generator?

    The Form Generator gives you space and time for the development and editing of web forms. For example for an extra contact form, questionnaire or newsletter sign up module. Add fields with a simple click, temporarily disable them or delete them permanently. The forms are usable on any given page.


    How does it work?

    The simple interface makes Form Generator extremely user friendly. Make your own fields and drag them to a location to put them in the right order, it can’t get any simpler! It is also possible to add a validation filter to a field. Because of this it is possible to only allow visitors to use numbers or letters. We build in extra filters based on suggestions without any added costs.


    Is your form finished and ready to be shown on your website? All that you have to do is add the code that is stated under the step “installation” to your page.



    • Forget expensive custom work

    • Style to your own demands

    • Create an unlimited amount of forms

    • Receive an unlimited amount of entries

    • Notification email to any chosen email address, different email per form is an option

    • Click and drag interface

    • Add multiple users to the app


    Extra information

    Do you have a lack of CSS skill? We would love to help you with building your own look and feel of the form. The costs for this service are dependent on your wishes, we charge 75% of our hourly loan.



    We are here to help you if you can’t get is set up. We are also always open for your questions about Form Generator. More information? Send an email to [email protected]