Instant Search

£13.50 / monthly
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  •         Determine your own search results.
  •         Fields that are not relevant can be excluded.
  •         Part of a search query is automatically supplemented with possible results.


Why Instant Search?

The search option is an important function in an online store.

A customer must find the product he or she is looking for as quickly as possible.


The results are automatically generated for each web store in the same way.

This does not give the desired result for every web store..


With instant search you can influence the results yourself and therefore ensure that your customers can quickly find the products they are looking for.



Part of a search is automatically completed.

For example, if you sell bicycles and a customer enters the letter “B”” various options will appear in the search field.

Such as “Bicycle” and “Bicycle Bell”


Instant Search is a smart app that ensures that the correct search results appear.


How does Instant Search work?


With instant search you can determine which fields are relevant or less relevant.



Step 1: Install the app and login. ( your login details will be sent by mail )

Step 2: Activate the app in settings.

Step 3: Indicate at institutions which fields are relevant or less relevant.

Step 4: Save your configuration. Instant Search does the rest.


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