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Inventory Alarm



Boost your monthly revenue with more than EUR 1000*

30 day free trial.

* Based on monthly average of customers that generate extra revenue.


Variable pricing or even free, depending on additional sales through the app. 


  • Extra sales: If a product is out of stock, you will miss a sale. With Inventory Alarm, customers can sign up with their email address for products that are no longer in stock. The moment the stock is replenished, the customer receives a notification and you still convert a lost customer into a sale.
  • Get “out-of-stock” Notifications: As a web store owner, receive notifications when a product is about to run out of stock or when the product is completely out of stock. This way you always stay informed and you can replenish the stock in time.
  • Better insights: The Inventory Alarm Dashboard gives you valuable information about your stock and immediately discovers which products are most wanted.
  • Pre-order system: More and more Lightspeed entrepreneurs also use our App as a pre-order system when, for example, a new product appears in the webshop. Place the product in the web store and set the stock to zero. The moment the product actually goes on sale, your potential customers will immediately receive an email and they can buy the product immediately.
  • Many extras included as standard: set your own domain name as sender (SPF/DKIM) - email & design layout editor, free layout customization - all data and emails on EU servers (GDPR) - full functionality during free trial period - Excel import of existing email addresses - the perfect alternative to the discontinued Shappz MyStockNotifier. 


Why Inventory Alarm?

Our purpose was to develop the most simplistic and user friendly App that will help all webshop owners to be aware of low inventory "the easy way" and at the same time automatically inform custumers when a product is available again. From now on Inventory Alarm will take care of it.



The monthly fee for using Inventory Alarm is based on the revenue generated by the app per month. No or little extra revenue? Then the app is free! The diagram below shows exactly how our pricing is organized. Since the app is EU based, the pricing is in EUR. However, UK webshops use GBP for revenue of course. For other currencies than EUR/GPB, see the international pricing table.


Extra revenue (GBP ex VAT)   Monthly price (EUR ex VAT)
Below £ 150   Free
£ 150 - £ 450   € 14,95
£ 450 - £ 1000   € 44,95
£ 1000 - £ 3000   € 99
More than £ 3000   € 199


How is the monthly price calculated?

This is done using the order and the Inventory Alarm subscription, by matching the unique article number (variant id) and the e-mail address that the customer used when they signed up for a "back in stock" e-mail. All revenue in this order is attributed to Inventory Alarm. Cancelled orders and credit invoices on the orders are subtracted from the reported order value, in the month where the invoice was credited.


Where can I find information about the extra revenue and billing?

We want to be very transparant about this. Just log into the dashboard and see how much extra revenue the App has generated, and which pricing tier is applied. For more information about the variable billing please read our FAQ.


How does Inventory Alarm work?

By setting an alarm in the Inventory Alarm dashboard, you will be notified once the stock of a certain product reaches your alarm level and a final notification when it is completely out of stock. When a complete stock out occurs, your customers can leave their email on the product page and will be notified once the inventory is refilled.


  • Pre-order products: Use Inventory Alarm as a pre-order system by placing a product in your store but removing it from stock. As soon as you order the product, customers will automatically receive an email.
  • Automatic integration: The app works out of the box with all themes of Lightpeed together. Even if you have activated the template editor. 
  • Multi language support: Inventory Alarm's website buttons, display text and e-mails are in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. So even if you cross the border you can use the app.
  • Experience and quality: This app has been running stable with the Lightspeed platform for more than 2 years. Our support is always active and is happy to help with custom orders.
  • BONUS: OMNICHANNEL-proof: Customers confirm that this is one of the few apps that also continues to do its work omnichannel.


Can I see a demo?

Of course! Here you will find a demo of an product that is no longer in stock. Some examples of webshops of customers who use Inventory Alarm can be found here.


Where do I log in?

Once installed, click here to login directly to your Inventory Alarm Dashboard.


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Do you need support?

Visit our online helpdesk or send an email to [email protected]