Koongo - Feed & Affiliate Marketing Tool

£24.95 / monthly
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Koongo is the ultimate Feed and Affiliate Marketing Tool that allows you to integrate your Lightspeed store with more 500+ product aggregators, affiliate networks and selling channels worldwide.

  • Connect with +500 selling channels and affiliate networks worldwide!
  • Automate product feeds export and keep feeds always up-to-date
  • Increase your visibility and revenues by up to 25%!
  • Start now! 30-day free trial available!



"Increase your revenues with Koongo! No programming skills are needed!"

Why Koongo app?

Koongo is the ultimate feed marketing tool that streamlines the process of the product export from Lightspeed stores to various product search and price comparison websites, affiliate networks and selling channels. Since Koongo doesn’t require any programming skills it allows online retailers and merchants to reach seamlessly hundreds of new marketing channels from around the world from a single integration point. Hence, Koongo is capable of bringing millions of new prospective customers to online stores of merchants and can increase store revenues by up to 25%! In addition, through the support of 500+ selling channels from more than 40 countries worldwide Koongo simplifies the process of expanding online businesses behind the borders of one country (i.e. cross-border selling).

How does it work?

Koongo app allows you to advertise and sell easily on any of supported channels. To set up the Koongo app please follow the steps below. Here is also the app installation manual.

  • Install the Koongo app in your Lightspeed by clicking the Install app button and follow the installation process.
  • After successful installation click the Installed.Go to the app button and continue with setting your chosen feeds up. Here is the Channel Profile configuration documentation.

In case you need any assistance please contact us at [email protected]. We'll guide you through the Koongo setup process.

Benefits of the Koongo app

  • Koongo provides you always up-to-date product data feeds. Following a change of product description, price, stock or any other product attributes Koongo updates automatically all your channels and feeds.
  • Channels quite often change the structure of data feed files or update API. With Koongo you don't need to care about it since Koongo provides you always the latest high-quality product data feeds.
  • Koongo allows you to map store categories onto channel/feed categories (i.e. taxonomies) for higher ranking of your store.
  • Koongo allows you to filter products available in given channel/feed using various attribute and category filters.
  • And last but not least, Koongo provides you 24/7 support and up-to-date online documentation.


Supported Channels

You can find all supported channels at Koongo channels