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  • 100% Automated Email Marketing: built-in campaigns and customer segments, drafted & scheduled weekly newsletters
  • Personalize email content to target customers based on their interests & behavior
  • Very simple to set up and user-friendly. NO coding skills required.  NO feature limits in all pricing plans




’’Mailbot helps you build a relationship with your customers and keep customers return to your store by personalized follow-up emails’’



Why Mailbot?


With Mailbot, automated email marketing has never been so easy, reliable, productive, and converting for your business.


How does Mailbot work?


#1 Boost Sales By 74% with Personalized Follow-up Emails 


  • Pre-built campaigns by Mailbot focus on generating sales for you:
  • Sends a welcome email from store’s founder to new visitors 30 minutes after they subscribe or sign up an account. A welcome email from store’s founder makes customers feel personal, special and taken care of
  • Automatically detects New Arrivals and promote to customers
  • Cross-sell relevant collections to sell more to buying customers
  • Send Browse abandonment and Cart abandonment series to recover abandoned carts and bring back lost sales
  • Send reward coupon to regular customers who have repeat purchase to turn them into loyal customers.
  • Promote products that can be bought again, depending on the cycle that customers can re-buy.


#2 Automate Newsletter Drafting & Scheduling for you 


You find preparing email marketing content every week and deciding which types of emails to deliver to whom such a time-consuming and nerve-racking task? Worries no more, you can put it aside and let Mailbot take care of all:


  • Pre-designed eCommerce email campaigns with carefully written content.
  • Plan, draft and schedule weekly newsletters, with personalized product recommendation to each customer based on their interests and behavior on store
  • Tools for you to set up product recommendation rules, date & time to schedule, subject line and template libraries to help Mailbot build perfect campaigns
  • Want to double-check all Bot-generated newsletters before they go out? Just turn off Auto Approve, Mailbot will send you notifications so you have 3 days to review, edit and approve newsletter to send


#3 Advanced Customer Segmentation


Have you ever wonder how personalization is possible in email marketing to a mass audience? It is thanks to customer segmentation technique: divide your customers into targeted groups so you can send tailored content that is relevant to them. How this technology is advanced in Mailbot:


  • 20+ most popular eCommerce customer segments are predefined for you
  • Create your own segments with multi-leveled conditions to target any single customers on your store. Examples: cart-abandoning customers, loyal customers, customers who viewed some products/ collections but didn't buy, customers who buy 3 times in a month,...
  • Sync your list from BigCommerce admin, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Aweber,...


About Beeketing


Beeketing pioneers marketing automation in full service for eCommerce sellers. With a focus on increasing conversion rates and sales for eCommerce stores, we provide a complete package of tools and solutions that automate the marketing and sales strategies: email marketing, up-selling & cross-selling, promotion campaign management, product recommendation, and many more.



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