PocketShop - Your own mobile app

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  • Your own (native) mobile app
  • Creëer  A new sales channel that responds to mobile trends
  • Case Study: Welovemusthaves.com generated 16.8% more orders through its mobile app.




" A mobile app has a 30% higher conversion than a mobile website."


Why an app from PocketShop?

  • Mobile online shopping is on the increase. Don’t miss the boat!
  • An app is an additional sales channel that generates more sales and loyalty.
  • Send push notifications to the mobile phone of your customers.
  • You are in constant touch with your customers, since the mobile is taken everywhere. Customers are just one click away from your mobile store.
  • You strengthen your brand, because with an app, you have an additional channel for branding.
  • The app is an additional service to your customers, which shows that you move with the times.
  • Customers are provided with an optimal and enjoyable mobile shopping experience, which is aimed at a fast and smooth payment process.
  • There is a direct link to the back-office of Lightspeed: the app takes the products over automatically.


How does it work?

We build the app using your corporate identity and link it directly to Lightspeed. The app takes over the products from the back-office automatically, so you have nothing to worry about yourself.

We register it for you at the Apple App Store and Google Play. At Apple, the app is usually visible within a week; at Google Play, after only one day. You receive a message immediately once the app is published. From that moment on, existing and new customers can download the app for free – and mobile shopping can commence!


Case Study: Welovemusthaves.com generated 16.8% more orders through its mobile app. See the case study: 16.8% more orders through mobile app – Infographic.


Where can I see examples?

We Love Musthaves

Dutch Hair Shop

WAM Denim



Benefit from the rapid growth of m-commerce!

“Mobile commerce will increase in the next two years by 46% and 49%. In order to arrive at an m-commerce industry which is worth just over EUR 3 billion in 2016.”

Source: www.webwinkelblog.nl/IPSOS.



What does it cost?

  • The monthly cost of hosting, support and software updates starts at € 29, excl. VAT. This ensures that you always have the latest version of the app, with the latest functions.
  • The monthly cost depends on the number of products in your store: up to 250 products €29, up to 2.500 products €39 and more than 2.500 products €69 per month.
  • The one-off investment for designing and building the app is € 450, excl. VAT. We build the shopping app in the look and feel of your webstore. Let us do the work so you can keep your focus on your clients.


What does the app have to offer?


  • All updates of the app with the latest functions, are completely free
  • Product categories and variants
  • Multilingual: English, German and Spanish
  • Shopping basket remains stored
  • Extensive search, sort and filter functions
  • Log into the app with the Lightspeed account, whereby customer and payment data is retrieved automatically
  • Smooth payment process
  • Including hosting and helpdesk



  • Multiple large pictures per product, on which the customer can zoom in
  • Determine the size of the promotional banner on the homepage yourself
  • Link to a product of choice from the homepage banner
  • Share product information on social media



  • We can activate special settings for wholesalers (for example: make VAT and Chamber of Commerce numbers mandatory and reveal prices only if customers are logged in).