Product Reminder

£13.50 / monthly
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  • Stimulate repeat purchases and increase your turnover
  • Remind your customers that they have to order your products again


    Why Product Reminder?

    Product Reminder reminds your customer of the fact that he has to re-order his ordered products. You link one or more products to a reminder, make a nice reminder and the number of days that have passed since a purchase and your customer always receives a reminder in time.



    Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login details will be sent by e-mail)

    Step 2: Add a reminder.

    Step 3:Select which products and / or categories the reminder applies to.

    Step 4: Select the number of days between placing the order and sending the reminder.

    Step 5: Create a personal reminder message.

    Step 6: Save your configuration. Product Reminder takes care of the rest.



    Additional information

    You can link multiple products or categories to one reminder. It is also possible to create multiple reminders


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