Prooflink - Loyalty Program

£19.00 / monthly
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Introductory offer: install now and pay only € 19 / month all-inclusive & lifetime, normally € 59 / month



  • You can try our app for free for 14 days (you don't have to do anything if you want to continue using our app after the trial periode)
  • Plug & Play installation
  • We can transfer your customers (+ points) if you are now using another loyalty program


About Prooflink


Prooflink is the program that approaches loyalty different than other programs. We differ because we use all the touchpoints a customer has with your company. Prooflinks goal is for both large and small companies to realize increased revenue without requiring IT knowledge.


Why Prooflink?


With the Prooflink loyalty program you will gain / achieve:


  • Customer retention
  • Customer loyalty
  • Acquisition


Prooflink loyalty


With our program you can reward your customer for:

  • Creating an account
  • Making a purchase
  • Inviting their friends
  • Connecting their Facebook and Twitter account
  • Sharing posts on social media


Loyalty results


Research shows: marketing that is aimed on existing customers realizes much more results than recruiting new customers. 5% more loyalty can produce up to 75% more sales. In addition; retaining existing customers is up to seven times cheaper than attracting new customers.


Features Prooflink app


  • You are able to reward customers for every purchase. This wil increase your customer retention.
  • To increase your online reach and number of followers u can reward valuable behavior on social media 
  • You can reward your customers for bringing on new customers so that your brand awareness and purchases increases. 




  • Without adjustments in the code or templates you can add our app to your webshop
  • You decide the name of your app
  • With our voucher code generator you can easily create your rewards (discount)
  • You decide how many points you will give for every euro customers spend in your webshop
  • After every activity the customer carries out we will send them a notification




Prooflink is charged each month via Lightspeed: € 19,- per month. There are no installation costs. 




Installing our app is very easy. After you hit the button "Install App" above, you will land in our installation wizard. This wizard covers 3 steps. After you have walked through our wizard, we automatically connect our app to your store. You don't have to add any code. 


Using another loyalty program?


Do you already use a loyalty program, or have you recently terminated one? You can use our app for free for 14 days. Just give it a try! Besides, we can transfer your customers plus their points to our program.