Quick Facebook Chat | Facebook Messenger Live Chat App

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  • Bring customer support to the next level with Facebook messenger.
  • Customer send messages to your Facebook business page inbox through your store.
  • Install and set up chat box in 2 minutes, with color and text customization.



"How do you stay friendly and helpful to your customers, while increase sales at the same time? Do it with Facebook Messenger."

More and more people prefer social messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger over email, phone, and online chat, when it comes to communicating with brands.


Quick Facebook Chat app helps you leverage this social trend and create the friendly and instant communication between you and your customers via Facebook.

How Quick Facebook Chat app benefits your customers:

1- Customer conveniently chat with store’s owner or staff via Facebook Messenger to get immediate help
2- They can continue communication with your brand via Facebook Messenger to follow up about their order, even when they leave the store

How Quick Facebook Chat app benefits you as the store owner:

1- You can support customers anytime, anywhere, with your phone and Pages Manager app. No more hassles with emails or live-chat agents.
2- Increase followers for your Facebook page because customers can like your page right on the chat window
3- Build a long-term relationship with your customers via the most popular social platform. Having a previous conversation with customers, you can regularly catch up with to ask for their reviews, cross-sell products, or promote new arrivals.


Let’s get started with Quick Facebook Chat to start building one-on-one relationship with your customers today!



Contact [email protected] for support within 24 hours. Support is in English.