Quick Facebook Chat

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  • Bring customer support to the next level with Facebook messenger.
  • Customer send messages to your Facebook business page inbox through your store.
  • Install and set up chat box in 2 minutes, with color and text customization.



"How do you stay friendly and helpful to your customers, while increase sales at the same time? Do it with Facebook Messenger."

Why should I use Quick Facebook Chat?

Facebook is among the most popular social media that customers use, in fact, about 74% of shoppers are frequently active on Facebook. So why not leverage your Facebook account and make it the most friendly customer support channel for your business?


With Quick Facebook Chat, you can:

  • Chat with your customers like Facebook friends

  • View their Facebook profiles to understand your customers and sell them the right products

  • Save all conversation history in Facebook inbox and come back anytime to catch up with them the most personal and friendly way

How does Quick Facebook Chat work?

Customers can send messages directly to your Facebook business page inbox by typing into the Quick Facebook Chat window. The conversation will then jump into their personal Facebook messenger. If you use mobile phone, you should use Pages Manager app (for iOS and Android) build by Facebook to receive notifications and reply to customers’ messages.

Extra benefits of Quick Facebook Chat

  • Easy to install in 2 minutes

  • Can customize color and text of chat tab

  • Quick instant chat with customers with your mobile devices, no more sitting online with your laptop, no more dealing with emails



Contact hi@beeketing.com for support within 24 hours. Support is in English.