Remove The Background

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With Remove the Background (RTB) you can easily and affordable optimize all of your product images - make them autonomous or remove the backgrounds. Save time for other projects!


The RTB App/Connector creates a connection between your Lightspeed account and your RTB account. All your Lightspeed images will start to synchronise, this is to give you the option to select images that need editing in a later stage.


With the easy to use interface on RTB's admin you create what we call an order specification, with your own specific requirements in image editing. 


Why use RTB?


  • Optimize conversions with better product images
  • Create a better design by better product images
  • Fixed price per edited product image (€1,25)
  • Simple specifications
  • Clear orderoverview
  • High ordervolumes possible
  • Processed within 24 hours


How does it work?


When synchronisation between the two backends has been completed, you are able to use RTB's connector to select images that you want edited according to the specifications you just created. Images are processed within 24 hours, when you have vhecked them you publish the images right back into your Lightspeed webshop where the newly edited images replace the unedited ones!


Obviously RTB's service can be used as stand alone platform. Use the website or the FTP server to upload and download images, so you can have your images edited before you put them online in your Lightspeed webshop. The first couple of images are for free, so you can test the wat this works and how it looks.


Who are we?


Remove the Background, a leading company in image editing, helps E-tailers with optimizing product images. RTB has 12 offices around the world, and is the type of company that works towards integrating with existing E-Commerce platforms. A company with western quality standards but with asian pricing.