Sift Science Fraud Prevention

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  • Get risk score for order created/paid events in your LS eCom Webstore
  • Set a risk threshold to determine when you should be notified of high risk events
  • View history of risky events in app interface.



 "Manage your risk with Sift Fraud Scores"



Why Sift Science Fraud Prevention app?

It can be difficult to determine when a purchase is being made fraudulently online, but Sift's unique fraud management system can help you decide if an order is legit or potentially fraudulent.


If you're currently having an issue with fraud, or are concerned about potential fraud in the future, the Sift Science Fraud Prevention app uses Sift Science's advanced fraud detection system to rate events (order created, order paid) to determine the fraud risk associated with each event, allowing you to determine how you want to handle the customer/order.

How does it work?

With AdVision's Sift Fraud Prevention app, any time a new order is placed, updated or paid for in your webstore, the order information is forwarded to your Sift account for a fraud analysis.  Sift uses it's unique fraud prevention system to analyize your customer's risk level (how likely is this purchase fraudulent) and returns a score to indicate the risk of fulfilling the order.


During install, you'll be forwarded to our app management site to either login to an existing account (if you've purchased a Lightspeed eCom app from us before) OR create a new account with us to install and manage this and any future apps you may purchase from us for Lightspeed eCom.


Once you've created an account or logged into your existing account, the app installs automatically.  Once you're logged into your AdVision app account, you'll be directed to either provide the connection information for your existing Sift account, or you can fill out a form in the app and we'll create a new Sift account for you.  Once the app is connected to a Sift account, you can complete the settings form to setup a Javascript snippet in your webstore, indicate your Risk Threshold score and set the base currency being used in your webstore.  Once you've completed the settings form, you're done!  Future new, updated and paid order events in your webstore will be scored by Sift and any that exceed your risk threshold will be logged in the app (with a link to a detailed report in your Sift account) and you'll be notified via email.


What are the benefits?

  • Multilingual
  • Easy to install
  • Custom risk threshold to determine your acceptable risk level
  • Automated fraud scores to help manage risk
  • Interface to view log of risky orders
  • Notified by email whenever a risky event (new, updated or paid for order with score that exceeds your risk threshold) is detected


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Extra Information

Management interface is available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German.


AdVision's Support Team is available Monday - Friday - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Pacific Standard Time. You can report your support issue 24/7 via our collaborative - please email any and all request in regards to your support issue to  [email protected]