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What is Trusted Shops?

Trusted Shops is the leading reviews, ratings and Trustmark provider across the UK and Europe. Trusted Shops can help your business:


  • Effortlessly collect customer reviews
  • Effortlessly collect and display product reviews
  • Generate extra traffic through your review profiles
  • Incentivize customers with coupons when they leave a review
  • Use the exit intent pop up technology to retain visitors
  • Earn your trustmark and build trust at first sight
  • Provide your customers a free money back guarantee of up to £ 2,500

For your business, using Trusted Shops will result in


  • Up to 20% improvement in website conversion rate (even more at times)
  • Improved SEO rankings with the help of user generated content
  • 15% better CTRs for Google Product Ads
  • Increased trust and brand perception with the help of our trustmark


Free Trial Features:


  • Automatic review collection with the trustbadge technology
  • Collect 10 customer reviews and display them with the review sticker
  • Get a free optimised review profile
  • Send 1,000 review requests to existing customers with the review collector
  • Get notified and comment on reviews
  • Optimised mobile usage
  • Trusted Shops Analytics
  • Social media share buttons


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Additional Premium features:


  • Use the review collectors to send 5,000+ review requests
  • Unlimited automatic review collection and display
  • Unlimited Product Reviews
  • Get star ratings in Google Shopping
  • Marketing tools like coupons, exit intent pop ups to retain customers and increase loyalty
  • Trustmark
  • Money back guarantee up to £ 2,500
  • Dedicated customer support


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How do I install Trusted Shops?

Installation time: 10 Minutes


  1. Register with Trusted Shops free trial to get your Trusted Shops ID (Alternately contact our sales team for the premium packages)
  2. Install the App, you will then be forwarded to the Viewsion App Center (They are the developers)
  3. Add the Trusted Shops ID (TS ID) to your installed app
  4. Start collecting customer reviews immediately with the review collector




Questions or comments? Feel free to write us or call us. We will be glad to help you.

[email protected] | | T: +49 9231 972578. Support in German & English.