Unavailable product redirect

£9.95 / monthly
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  • Redirect customers to a category instead of an empty page;
  • Better search engine scores;
  • No more dead ends within your webshop;




"Redirect customers, increase your score”

Why Unavailable Product Redirect

When customers reach a page with the notification ‘product not found’ it will not only give them a negative feeling, it will also decrease your search engine score.

Our app will redirect customers to a category page, this way you’ll prevent customers from reaching empty, dead-end pages and you’ll increase your search engine scores in a positive manner.

How does it work?
While the app carries the biggest load, you do have to configure some settings in the appframework by DotCommerce. Simply activate it within the appframework. Configure the amount of days you want the redirect to remain active and the app is ready to use.

Extra information

The Advanced Product Pricing app has several extensions which may be enabled in the setting. Our application can also be connected to AccountView and/or Exact Online. Keep in mind that our app will overwrite the discount tables in Lightspeed, these must be reentered into our app.


About us

DotCommerce is an IT company base in Breda (The Netherlands). We are THE partner if it comes down to custom functionality, for both back- and front-end. We like to share some of the amazing stuff we’ve done for our customers with other shop owners on the Lightspeed platform as well, which is why we started offering apps.


Questions, new ideas or feedback? Contact us via info@dotcommerce.nl