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  • Accept fast and secure credit card payments, ESR Invoice, TWINT, PostFinance, SOFORT, DirectDebits ELV, and many other payment methods 
  • wallee processes payments fast and reliable with very competitive pricing for merchants in Europe and Switzerland
  • A simple integration lets you process credit cards and alternative payments


    "Increase conversion by accepting credit card alongside local payment methods such as TWINT, PostFinance, ESR Einzahlungsschein, Sofort, Lastschrift, Alipay"

    Why wallee?

    Wallee is a payment service provider that provides you payment acceptance in various European markets by allowing you to accept credit cards alongside other alternative payment methods such as TWINT, PostFinance, any many more. Furthermore, wallee also connects directly to the major payment service providers such as Adyen, Payone, Saferpay, etc to increase the supported payment methods even further. 


    Find below a list of payment methods you get access with one simple integration in the various markets:




    • Credit Card (Starting at 1.7%)
    • Alipay
    • PostFinance Card
    • PostFinance E-Finance
    • TWINT
    • ESR Invoice
    • MF Group (Secured Invoice)


    Germany / Austria:


    • Credit Card (starting at 1.4%)
    • Alipay
    • paydirekt
    • SOFORT
    • Direct Debits
    • Ratepay (Secured Invoice)


    Netherlands / Belgium:


    • Credit Card (starting at 1.4%)
    • Alipay
    • paydirekt
    • SOFORT
    • Ideal
    • Bancontact


    And many more. Visit our website to learn more. 

    How does it work?

    The wallee app is very simple to use. Click on the install button and you can directly install the lightspeed App in your space. If you have not already you can directly create an account inside wallee in order to accept payments fast and easy. 

    Extra benefits

    Use one payment app to get access to all necessary local and international payment brands like cards, TWINT, Invoice, Direct debit. Beside payments acceptance, wallee is also automating your processes around bookkeeping in order to facilitate your reporting and accounting duties as the payment receipts from your acquirers are matched automatically. Furthermore, we do have all the necessary data to fully automate your bookkeeping.


    Furthermore, you can benefit from a huge ecosystem of additional integrations that help you to automate your processes and save money. 


    About us

    Customweb is the company behind the brand wallee. We do have over 10 years of payment experience in building integrations to and for acquirers, payment schemes and payment brands. 


    Extra information

    The wallee backend is only available in German and English.



    Find out more details about the integration and how it can be installed in our Lightspeed integration tutorial.