Justo Clean

£8.00 / monthly
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  • Check the different Justo styles Default and Clean for inspiration
  • An amazingly simple and elegant theme
  • Designed by Kups


Justo is an easy adjustable bootstrap-based theme for your SEOshop. Justo can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. Justo is a basic theme, which makes it even easier to adjust the theme to your needs. The theme is responsive & adjustable. The colors and feel of your webshop can easily be adjusted. Presets with different colors are embedded into the theme.


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Key features 


  • Responsive: Justo can be viewed on any device. The content will automaticly adjusted to the screensize. 
  • Fast start: Justo is a simple theme. This makes starting up your store easy. 
  • Presets: There are two presets available, both with a different look.
  • Headlines: Headlines can be adjusted on the frontpage.
  • Banners: Banner can be adjusted on the frontpage.








Click here for documentation.



Would you like to receive more information about Justo, its possibilities, or tailor made changes? Contact Kups:


website: http://www.kups.nl/

e-mail: jan@kups.nl