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Red Banana one-pager is the first Lightspeed theme that is only focused on just 1 product. Normally, setting up a webshop is very time consuming. With this unique theme entrepreneurs can easily place 1 product in the spotlight. Of course, you’ll do that in an inspiring way on a responsive webshop with cool dynamic features and not on some dull standard webshop. This would not be possible if it wasn’t for the Red Banana one-pager!

The Red Banana one-pager doesn’t only look cool, it is also fully focused at achieving top results. The design is purely aimed at conversions with lots of call-to-action-buttons. We worked closely with Lightspeed to make sure that the theme exploits all the possibilities and works perfectly on the Lightspeed platform.


Key benefits of the Red Banana one-pager: 

  • Fully focused on 1 product
  • Purely aimed at conversion
  • Inspiring design instead of a dull standard webshop
  • Many dynamic elements and cool effects
  • Full of space for uploading footage
  • Space to clearly highlight product USP’s
  • Provides the ultimate user experience
  • Designed for every kind of product
  • Customizable according to your own wishes
  • Quick to set up


Key features of the Red Banana one-pager: 

  • One responsive web page with all product data
  • Sticky header with call to action button
  • A lot of space for product images
  • Many call to action buttons for high conversion
  • Highlighted quote
  • Possibility to show a product video
  • Reviews with cool 360º effect
  • Optimized for SEO and room for SEO text
  • Mobile first design
  • Supported by all standard browsers
  • Choose your own colors
  • Multilingual support (in English, Dutch and German)







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Would you like to receive more information about the Red Banana one-pager or tailor-made changes? Contact Red Banana!

Website: (Dutch)

E-mail: [email protected]


Changelog (versie 1.1)

You are using the first version of this theme. See the latest updates here.

  • Shopping cart button is added.
  • The height of the product section is the same as the height of the slider now!
  • Quote section paralax effect!