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  • Check the different styles in Yellowshop and Yellowshoes for inspiration
  • A Clean desing, sharp images in the slider and banner without compression and a beautiful blog 
  • Designed by Yellowlab


Yellowshop is a template developed by Yellowlab, especially for Lightspeed eCom. In Yellowshop we focus on product experience, with great visuals and a unique blog design. This makes the theme very suitable for the optimal presentation of your products and / or your brand.

In addition to product experience, we have paid much attention to the usability for the visitor. Click through our sample stores to experience how this works. Of course Yellowshop runs just as easily on a smartphone or tablet as on the big screen. Check it out yourself. So you see how Yellowshop adapts flexibly to the size of a tablet or smartphone.


Optimal conversion

The clear spatial structure of this theme and clever use of different features contribute to an optimal conversion. For example, at Lightspeed eCom you can turn on the function where users stay on the page when adding a product to your shopping cart. In that case, Yellowshop flips the basket just to give the user feedback on its action. Try it.



This theme provides you all the tools for an optimal position with the search engines. Page speed and being readable for Google are essential for a good ranking. Yellowshop can handle good quality visuals without being slow. Therefore pages with lots of visual content will still load fast. Banners feature HTML text so that they are indexed by Google.


Blog in the front or background

In this template, the blog pages and article pages got its own look, which is unique. This will make your blog articles look much nicer. Also on the homepage your blog gets the attention it deserves. You can choose to display the last two or four articles in a prominent place. This feature can also be switched off.


Flexible style with Google Fonts

Easy! With Google Fonts you can give the whole shop a different font. Choose from one of the included fonts, like a handwritten, typewriter or sans-serif font. Furthermore, you can adjust colors and turn on or off a lot of different elements. This allows you to make your own shop truly unique. Compare the model sites for a clear picture of the possibilities!


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