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  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series)
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Easilys, Simplify your inventory management

  • No more double entry
  • Recipe creation


Detailed description:

Easilys is a platform specialized in inventory and purchasing management for catering groups and multi-site establishments. The solution offers various modules: restaurant management and control (supply, recipes, menu(s), stock and inventory, production) online ordering, supervision of the equipment, automated measurement of food waste and health control plan.

How does the Easilys integration work?

  1. No double entry of articles and recipes: create them in Easilys and debit the quantities sold via Lightspeed
  2. Automatic destocking of ingredients and quantities sold
  3. The catch rate went up in Easilys to assess which recipes are selling the best and the least.

NB: Easilys is available in France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Belgium.
NB: Easilys is available in French, English and Spanish

Inventory Management