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From open source to SaaS

Switching from an open source system to a SaaS solution isn’t just a step that saves you money. A SaaS system is highly scalable and will grow with your business, offering automatic updates for free.

The story of...

Corné van Willigen is a true entrepreneur. Since 2007, he has lead Hificorner’s transition into the digital world. After working with the OScommerce and Magento platforms, Corné made the switch to SaaS solution Lightspeed.

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"[With Magento], I started encountering problems and had to get a lot of outside help just to keep everything going — think security, developer costs and hosting”
Corné van Willigen,
Safer, faster, more efficient

Making the switch

Safer, faster, more efficient

Switching from an open source system to a SaaS system was not a difficult adjustment for the team. "Suddenly, I didn’t have to work in the backend anymore, but could work in the front - with my customers. It was actually such a relief."

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“With Lightspeed, you can easily give your online store its own identity. What’s more, it’s well built — it’s a proven platform which is super scalable.”
Corné van Willigen,

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