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What is omnichannel?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: you’re in need of a new pair of sneakers. You check a few out online, read some customer reviews and compare prices. You find a pair that you like and notice that SneakerBOX’s online store offers them at the most competitive price. Before making your purchase you want to be 100% sure that the fit is right, so you head over to the store’s closest location.

After trying them on, you’re still not sure and decide to sleep on it. The next morning you wake up and realize you have to have them, so you pull out your phone, get online , order them and have them shipped directly to you.

This is the omnichannel experience, which is what shoppers have come to expect. Are you currently meeting their expectations?

Why should you become an omnichannel retailer?

Increased efficiency

Time is money. By linking your brick-and-mortar and online stores, you’re able to centralize operations, ensuring inventory is shared between the two, automating processes and reducing the risk of human error.

Greater Insights

You need data to make well-informed decisions. Your brick-and-mortar and online stores should form one operation; however, you still need to know how they impact each other. Link your stores and gain insights that empower you with the numbers you need to run your business.

Rewarding customer relationships

Offering customers flexibility and choice allows you to build loyalty and repeat business. Let your customers choose when, where and how to browse or buy, and meet your customers wherever they are and at whatever time suits them.

How is Ashley Meier growing her business with the help of Lightspeed's omnichannel solution?

Why use Lightspeed’s omnichannel solution?

Our omnichannel solution consists of the powerful combination of Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed eCom. Together, they form one system that helps you run your retail business across all sales channels while consolidating your business data and management tools.

Simplicity at its finest

Taking the step towards omnichannel retailing couldn’t be simpler. All it takes is a one-click integration between our Retail POS and eCommerce platform to open your business up to new possibilities.

Clear performance indicators

Effectively optimizing your in-store and online operations requires that you have a comprehensive view of your business. Detailed reports, that analyze all channels you sell in, will help guide your decision-making process and allow you to become more profitable.

Everything you need in one place

Our integrated solution provides you with a single source and view of sales, customer and inventory data across every channel you operate in. All aspects of your business function as one cohesive unit, simplifying management and improving efficiency.

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