Lightspeed is coming to an Apple Store near you!

Lightspeed is reinventing the shopping and dining experience by offering innovative solutions to independent retailers and restaurateurs. Join us for regular info sessions at Apple Stores and see how we can help you grow your retail or restaurant business. We’d love to meet you in person, tell you more about our products and get to know you and your business! Go to the bottom of this page to see all upcoming events and register for an event near you.

Lightspeed Retail events

Sainte-Catherine, Apple Store

Apr 18, 2017 — 9:00 am

Carrefour Laval, Apple Store

May 2, 2017 — 9:00 am

Fairview Pointe Claire, Apple Store

May 16, 2017 — 9:00 am

Lightspeed Restaurant events

Carrefour Laval, Apple Store

May 17, 2017 — 9:00 am

Sainte-Catherine, Apple Store

June 13, 2017 — 9:00 am

Dix 30, Apple Store

June 14, 2017 — 9:00 am

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Did you know that Lightspeed is now an authorized Apple reseller?

That means that if you’re a North American Lightspeed customer, you can now buy all of your Apple products directly from us! From iPads to Macs, we have all of the products you need for your business. It also means that our POS experts host regular events at Apple Stores to meet retailers and restaurateurs and find out how our iPad POS system can help them manage their business.

The iPad POS to turn your business into a resounding success

The iPad POS to turn your business into a resounding success

From inventory management to instant product expertise and cloud-based reporting, our iPad POS for retailers offers unparalleled flexibility to you and your sales staff.

Grow your business with invaluable insights from real-time reports that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. We offer the tools you need to grow your brick-and-mortar, eCommerce or omnichannel retail business.

The ultimate iPad POS for restaurateurs

The ultimate iPad POS for restaurateurs

Whether you own a table-service restaurant, QSR, cafe or a bar, Lightspeed’s iPad POS system can help you grow and manage your business. Easily manage your stock, adapt your floor plan on the go, split seats and check out individual guests at any point. Our POS can help you offer customers the smoothest experience at your establishment, bringing them back again and again.

Apple hardware to build the business of your dreams

Apple hardware to build the business of your dreams

We have the Apple hardware to help you set up your restaurant or retail business. Whether you have an iPad or MacBook, the latest Apple hardware on the market is available at Lightspeed.

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