Run your entire business with a multi-store EPOS

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Customer data

Customer data

Now you can check one platform for information on every returning customer, per location, and offer the kind of personal service that will drive loyalty.

  • Create and edit customer profiles for any location
  • Export your customer data
  • Track visits and payments
  • Create gift cards for all your locations

Growth tools

Opening a new location? Quickly add it to your EPOS and get selling instantly. Manage your entire business from one place with a system that adapts to your growth.

  • Manage your operations from one place
  • Add locations directly in the system
  • Add users and cash registers by location
Growth tools
Multi-location reporting

Multi-location reporting

Managing a multi-location business is being able to see the big picture and pay attention to detail. Lightspeed Restaurant gives you the perspectives you need to make the right decisions.

  • See how individual locations are doing
  • Plan for peak period
  • Get an overview of your entire business