Lightspeed Retail - Customer Display

A new way to interact with customers.

Customer Display changes the way customers interact with your business. Let them enter their email addresses, sign directly on the screen, and effortlessly checkout - while you grow your customer database.

Why Customer Display ?

Glad you asked.

  • Engage your customer in the sales process - customers get a clear view of their items being scanned, the total price of their purchase, discounts, taxes, and much more, in real-time
  • Customer profile creation – grow your customer database with effortless email capture, while they’re being served
  • On-screen signature capture – customers can sign directly on your iPad, completing the sale with ease
  • Build customer loyalty, by providing customers with the sales transparency they expect
  • Prevent fraud or mistakes, while eliminating waste from unneeded receipts printing
  • Seamless integration with the Lightspeed POS app, for a smooth shopping experience
  • An extension of your brand with dynamic content
  • Achieve legislative compliance with ease

What’s Coming up

  • Increase incremental revenue with suggestive selling, promotions for new products, and upselling capabilities

How to get started

Once you have download the Lightspeed Retail Customer Display, the app will communicate seamlessly with your Lightspeed POS iPad app. Lightspeed Customer Display syncs directly through your iPad’s* wireless connection. Simply log in > select the same register as your Lightspeed POS > and start processing sales.

Note: An employee access PIN is required to set the shop and register. *Requires iOS 8.1 and above

Ready to get started? Follow our step by step guide on how to get started.