Omnichannel retail features

Improving the customer experience

Unlimited opening hours

Keep your shop open 24/7 to give your customers the freedom to choose when (and from where) they shop.

Flexible shipping

Allow customers to ship their items wherever they prefer, whether to a store location, their home or their workplace.


Brand familiarity

Offer your customers a consistent brand experience that builds loyalty and encourages repeat business.

Smooth cross-channel shopping

Create a smooth shopping experience that allows your customers to move from in-store to online and back again.

Better customer service

Gather customer data across all platforms in one, centralised, location and reward guests for their online loyalty when they visit you in-store.


Targeted promotions

Send customers relevant rewards based on their online and in-store shopping habits, encouraging them to continue shopping at your store.

Becoming an omnichannel retailer

A single management system

Say goodbye to multiple systems! Use a single solution to run your eCommerce business and brick-and-mortar store.

Centralised data

Get a complete overview of your entire business in one place, enabling you to make the right business decisions efficiently.

Inventory management

Track your inventory as you move stock across all sales channels, ensuring you give customers the right information and never oversell.


Consistent brand

Offer your customers a consistent brand experience, creating a familiar experience across all channels.

Increased exposure

Reach customers around the world and sell more as you bring your brick-and-mortar store and brand online.

Omnichannel technology


Speed up your operations with one integrated system that’ll help you manage all sales data with ease.

Wider customer reach

Bring your brick-and-mortar store online with one click, with the help of Lightspeed’s integrated omnichannel system.

Mobile optimisation

Optimise your store to ensure mobile customers have a positive experience, whether surfing or buying on your site.

Search engine optimisation

Make your site searchable with SEO optimisation tools, helping you bring in as many viewers as possible.

Valuable customer data

Gather customer information across all omnichannel platforms, giving you the data you need to send pertinent communications and promotions.

Omnichannel vs. multichannel solutions

All sales channels in one

Integrate all sales channel platforms to sell more efficiently than you would with separate platforms.

Customer-centric selling

Recognise customers who purchase in-store or online, regardless of the sales platform they previously used.

Consistent branding

Build consistency across all platforms, rather than creating separate shopping experiences, so customers know your brand when they see it.

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