10 ways to build a high converting online shopping experience

10 ways to build a high converting online shopping experience

Does your CTA need help?
Retailers big and small know that call to action (CTA) is a key success factor in all sales and marketing channels – especially eCommerce. But many of us struggle to create really effective CTAs that drive revenue.

How do you know if your website’s CTA needs help?
   – Your online sales are falling behind. If your eCommerce sales are less than expected or falling, it’s time to analyze your purchase flow and tune up your CTA.

   – Your conversion rates are down. It’s industry standard that 2-3% of web visits result in a purchase, and that 30% of visitors who start the order process (by clicking Add to Cart or Buy now) end up completing the purchase. The latter is your funnel conversion rate.

   – Visitors are spending too much time on your site. Check your web traffic stats for visit length. Recent research tells us that the average time on any given site is less than four minutes. While customers who stay at least three minutes spend more, your turnover drops sharply when visitors stay seven minutes or longer. If you notice long visits, they may be resulting from problems with your site structure or navigation, or the order process in general

Choosing the right call to action
97% of online store visits never result in a purchase. The right call to action can help improve visitor conversion on your online shopping store and ultimately result in more sales.

The following 10 tips will help you improve both the button and its context to craft the best customer experiences and increase online sales…