POS buyer’s guide:

9 questions to ask before buying a new POS

POS buyer’s guide: 9 questions to ask before buying a new POS

In today’s competitive and connected retail landscape, you need tools that are as multi-faceted as your business. Your point of sale (POS) should do more than just process transactions. It should follow you across retail spaces, whether in-store or online, grow as you grow, build loyalty, increase sales and help bring in new customers.

There are many POS systems on the market. But as a busy business owner, sifting through an endless array of options is probably the last thing on your mind. Make things easier by remembering these nine questions to ask when shopping for a POS.

1. How does the POS manage inventory?
2. How does the POS enhance the shopping experience?
3. Can the POS go mobile?
4. How does the POS sync between in-store and online?
5. Will the POS keep up with you as you grow?
6. Can the POS help you create targeted marketing campaigns?
7. Does the POS provide deep analysis and helpful reports?
8. Is training and support part of what you’re buying?
9. Does the POS empower staff with well-designed tools?

With the right technology, a small retailer can make a big impact. But you must think carefully about what POS you choose to support your store.

The best POS systems make life easier through streamlined inventory and eCommerce integration; use mobile devices to engage customers, empower staff, and close more sales; provide analytics for making smarter decisions; enable you to create targeted marketing campaigns; and ensure you’re always up-and-running with solid support and training materials.

Next time you’re in the market for a new point of sale, remember these nine questions. They’ll help you find a system that will support your success and grow right along with you.

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