and Lightspeed

Tenzo empowers restaurateurs to aggregate their data into an accessible platform and drive their business forward. Read their story below.

Tenzo's team is dedicated to accelerating restaurant success by automating reports, forecasting demand, and facilitating data-driven decisions for the future of hospitality.


In a fast-paced industry where communication is key, Tenzo has developed a universal language of easily understandable data. With a clear objective of providing insights and information at every level, from head-office to front-line employees, Tenzo has designed their platform to strengthen data-driven decision making.

In the words of Senior Partnerships Manager Sebastian Arrese, “Tenzo’s bread and butter is hospitality management, and our platform connects all the pieces of information to the right person at the right time, so as to support and better their decision making processes.”

Tenzo has strengthened the foundations of their platform with the help of solid relationships between integration partners. And as the first partner to integrate with Tenzo, Lightspeed is proud to be able to support and grow with their insightful and intuitive platform.

A person is stood in a white tshirt typing on a laptop with one hand, while the other hand is putting a takeaway box in a brown paper bag

The Challenge

Overcoming challenges was the core motivation behind Tenzo's creation.

After graduating from university, Christian Mouysset, the co-founder and CEO of Tenzo, co-founded a chain of restaurants across London called Hummus Bros. As the business expanded, he became increasingly frustrated with the difficulties of managing data, particularly with the inability to have it all in one organised place.

So, with his computer science background, he joined forces with co-founder Adam Taylor to build a platform that aggregated his restaurant data into easily understandable visuals, and Tenzo was born.

Since then, broader challenges within the hospitality industry have been the driving force behind Tenzo’s growth, from developing data aggregations for staff productivity and performance, to crafting demand reports that factor in sales, seasonality, weather, holidays, and beyond.

The Solution

For Tenzo, the solution to success has been collaborative. Growth and improvement come from establishing seamless integrations with partners like Lightspeed, where expansion can be optimised from both a product and people perspective. Sebastian highlights, “Lightspeed is almost always at the beginning of the customer journey because it is the cornerstone of running your restaurant-it then encourages users to ask questions about what can be better, that’s where Tenzo can help aggregate.”

Lightspeed and Tenzo’s partnership has been one that enables growth between both products to bring customers success. According to Lizzie Norton, Tenzo’s Senior Marketing Manager, “with how we integrate Lightspeed’s data, there’s no confusion between different systems.”

A Lightspeed screen with orders being taken at the table

“We know Lightspeed is the best of breed for ePOS and data, and that's where Tenzo can add a holistic view of everything.”

Lizzie Norton, Senior Marketing Manager, Tenzo

The Product

A photo of a mac and iPad displaying a sales screen with reports on it

From a partnership perspective, Tenzo’s team is inspired by Lightspeed’s dedication to providing restaurants with leading tech stacks and unified integrations. Lizzie adds that Lightspeed excels in “the tools that integrate systems so seamlessly, making the lives of restaurateurs easier.”

A white background with a photo of a Lightspeed screen, a payment terminal and an Old Fashioned cocktail

What’s more, Sebastien expresses how Lightspeed’s ePOS platform easily facilitates growth and expansion for hospitality businesses. As a partnership, Lightspeed enables integrations to grow with it, through “Lightspeed’s focus on supporting different types of customers with a more tailored experience.” He adds that “it's great to see the ways in which we can win together in this multi-unit, multi-location, multi-country, and multi-currency world of hospitality.”

The Future

The Tenzo team is particularly enthusiastic about the sustainable growth for both businesses through our seamless integration. Lizzie underlines the exciting times ahead for the partnership between Tenzo and Lightspeed, expanding customer bases to offer the best of data forecasting and ePOS restaurant management.

Sebastian expresses his personal excitement about extending this partnership to new regions and countries, enabling more hospitality businesses to benefit from the best this collaboration can offer for their specific needs.

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