Import tool

Use .CSV or .XLS files respecting the indicated structure to import all your products from a previous store and get selling in no time.

Product variations

Create up to 100 variants for a product set with all the sizes and add custom pricing for individual variants.


Let customers send their returns and see products automatically re-added to your inventory.

Product descriptions

Add product descriptions to give visitors more information on an item. It will even be used as a meta description if you haven't added SEO content.


Create the product categories that will define the navigation on your website and help potential customers find what they are looking for easily.


Add the price you charge for the product and a reduced price if applicable. Enter the cost price to see it right away, customers won't see it.


Theme store

Pick a theme for your eCommerce in our theme store and set it up quickly without any techninal skills required.

Product photos

Show all your products in every possible angle and use the zoom feature to allow visitors to get a real overview of what they are about to purchase.

HTML and CSS template editor

Want to customize your website further? Use our HTML and CSS editor and use your coding skills to create the online store you want.


Benefit from all the template updates for free and enjoy a smoother navigation, more responsiveness and the most recent technology.


Switch from a design to another without losing your product information. Test templates, see what you like the most and never stop selling.


Use clear menus, submenus and product categories that match your design style and help customers find what they need to increase your sales.



Lightspeed eCom is your order management system and gives you a complete overview of what you are selling.

Order status

Get the order status, the date and time when the order was placed, the order number and total order amount.


Save your order data in a CVS file to see it in a table or archive your sales data in a personal folder.


Integrate with the biggest carriers and set shipping prices to make the shipping process smoother and ensure customers get their purchase in time.

Discounts and promotion

Create discounts and promotions like Buy 1, Get 1 offers directly in the system and increase your profits while getting rid of dusty inventory.

Customizable checkout

Test different checkout options for your customers and select the one that works the best in order to receive more completed orders.

Marketing & SEO

SEO optimizations

With meta titles, descriptions, help search engines identify your website and get a better SEO ranking. All the fields are ready for you to fill in.

Product tags

Use tags as keywords about your items' features that the search engines will pick up.


Increase the amount of content on your website for search engines, interact with online shoppers and give them more information on your store.

Site speed

Site speed is a very important factor for SEO ranking. Lightspeed eCom has been optimized so your eCommerce is quick and quickly discovered.

Page headers

As the first piece of content people see, make sure you add the right headers to your page and allow shoppers to identify the product right way.

Social media apps

Connect your online store to your social media accounts and share your products with all your followers.


Revenue overview

Check the numbers that matter the most like your daily net revenue and total revenue to see how your store is doing.


Making profits is not only earning money. Lightspeed eCom gives helps you track how much you spend, so your finances can remain balanced.

Conversion rates

Compare the amount of online visitors on your store and see how many have completed an order to see if your eCommerce is converting.

Traffic numbers

From unique pageviews to the amount of visitors, always keep an eye on your traffic numbers.

A/B testing

Test different checkout experiences and identify the options your customers like the most so you can increase your conversion rates and your profits.

Bounce rate

See how many people visit your online store and leave without completing a purchase. Adjust your strategy and see your bounce rate decrease.

International sales


Hi! Bonjour ! Hoi! Welcome your customers in their languages in order to personalize their experience and be rewarded with more sales.


Spare your customers complicated calculations that are gonna make them go away and set up a currencies per country in order to display local prices.

International shipping

Integrate with the biggest carriers worldwilde and set international shipping rates and deliver to your customers around the globe.


Receive orders from all around the world or set a list of countries you want to receive orders from.

Customer base

With localized versions of your website, expand your reach and connect to online shoppers around the globe.

High volume traffic

Lightspeed eCom handles mass traffic volumes so the entire globe can surf on your website without encountering an error or a downtime.

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