Lightspeed customer stories

With over 40 000 customers transacting $15 billion dollars annually, our customers make Lightspeed what it is today. Read how retailers and restaurateurs alike have improved their business partnering with Lightspeed.

  • Papillon Living

    "It's a big wide world out there and we want to welcome everyone with omnichannel and now with Lightspeed, we can."

  • The Drone Factory

    "You can use it anywhere. Whenever I want to set up an event, I can bring the till with me since it’s an iPad."

  • Shepherd & Dog

    "I would highly recommend Lightspeed to anyone who was looking to build their business."

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Data goldmine: Making the most out of product returns

Data goldmine: Making the most out of product returns

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The Lightspeed Omnichannel Experience

The Lightspeed Omnichannel Experience

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