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Digitalisation and Expansion: The Future of L’Osteria with Lightspeed

Everyone knows it, everyone loves it: L’Osteria was founded in Nuremberg in 1999 and is one of the most successful restaurant concepts in Germany. The brand is known for its huge pizzas with a diameter of 45cm, which can also be ordered with different toppings if desired, as well as for the authentic Italian pasta from the company's own factory. With now more than 160 restaurants in nine European countries, L’Osteria is a fixture in the restaurant landscape.

A restaurant exterior with a red sign with the words L'Osteria
A group of people stood wearing aprons in a restaurant

Optimisation through digitalisation

The special Italian flair in the restaurants, the basic family spirit in dealing with all employees (or as L'Osteria says, the “Famiglia”), suppliers and guests, as well as the striving for constant development are central components of the company philosophy. L’Osteria is pursuing an ambitious growth strategy in which digitalisation plays an important role in optimising business processes while preserving the restaurant experience. Despite challenging times, the branded catering industry was able to increase its sales by 18.64% in the first half of 2023.

“The interaction of our committed employees in the restaurants, our franchise partners and our employees from the service centres, who ensure our success with innovative solutions and continuous commitment, are largely responsible for this positive development.” said Mirko Silz (former CEO).

The introduction of Lightspeed Restaurant and Lightspeed Payments as well as Lightspeed Advanced Insights is part of the digitalisation strategy to enable long-term growth through innovation.

A restaurant exterior with a red sign reading L'Osteria

Consistency across locations

The cloud-based solution enables a consistently high quality of service both indoors and outdoors, as orders can be accepted and paid for directly at the table using the mobile terminals.

For Johannes Stach, Project Manager at FR L'Osteria SE, the usability of the mobile ordering and payment devices was a game changer: “Not only has the handling of the system improved, the training time for new service staff has also been significantly reduced.” The user-friendly and intuitive interface, which is operated with familiar gestures such as swiping and typing, was well received by employees right from the start.

In addition, service staff now receive more tips on average due to the configurable tip categories integrated into Lightspeed Payments.

A table topped with two pepperoni pizzas and a side of salad

More speed, less stress

Thanks to smooth communication, orders are sent from the terminal to the kitchen immediately after acceptance. This is not only faster, but also ensures that orders arrive chronologically and in good doses. The result is shorter waiting times and more efficient processes in the background. The seamless exchange between devices also ensures that payments always match the data in the ePOS system. This means that invoices don't have to be manually reconciled again at the end of the shift, resulting in lightning-fast end of day closing.

“Since the introduction of Lightspeed Payments, our service staff can spend an average of 2 minutes more time per guest.” said Johannes Stach.

A table topped with a blue bowl filled with tomato spaghetti and meatballs

Eliminate the guesswork

As an innovation partner, L’Osteria is testing the now expanded reports in Lightspeed Advanced Insights in the beta phase. For Johannes Stach, the “Sales Report by Hours” in particular led to new insights. Based on this data aggregated in real time, optimal shift planning can be carried out, for example, as it can be better estimated how many staff are required depending on the time of day. In addition, the success of special promotional dishes or bundles can be measured much better. These data-driven optimisation measures will support efficient operations, particularly with regard to further growth.

Two white pizza boxes being handed from one person to another

“Since the introduction of Lightspeed Payments, our service staff can spend an average of 2 minutes more time per guest.”

Johannes Stach, Projekt Manager bei der FR L’Osteria SE

Lightspeed Restaurant powers L’Osteria to expand across Europe.

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