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Lightspeed is the unified electronic point of sale and payments platform powering the world's best businesses at ~168,000 locations worldwide.*


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Grow your revenue, keep staff happy, and provide a seamless multichannel experience.

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From timesaving ePOS tools and automations to flexible funding tailored to you, Lightspeed helps the world’s best businesses get even better.

Fast, intuitive platform

Innovative multilocation tools, integrations and reports configured for your unique business—all in one easy-to-use system.

Industry-leading insights

Performance-boosting insights so you know what to do next. Real-time reporting and visibility across your entire operation.

Personalised support

Whiteglove onboarding and support from industry experts who know what it takes to succeed in your market.

Powering the best businesses in the United Kingdom

The commerce platform for ambitious businesses.

From blazing fast workflows to a full suite of integrations, Lightspeed gives you one touchpoint for all your business needs.

Left to right: an aerial view of a smartphone showing analytics on the screen, a tablet with Lightspeed ePOS system and a portable payment device for credit and debit cards.
Two Lightspeed customer service agents wearing headsets pose side by side smiling, appearing professional, confident and friendly.

Your partner in success.

With personalised 24/7 support and solutions that scale with your business, Lightspeed is not just a platform—we’re a partner. Find out why we're trusted by hospitality and retail businesses in over 100 countries.

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