Reinvent your business with the omnichannel retail ePOS system

Embrace the next era of commerce. With retail ePOS software, loyalty and contactless payments, our retail ePOS fits everything from apparel and bike shops to sports and jewellery stores.

An eCommerce website on a desktop screen, an ePOS display in an iPad, and a product feed on a iPhone screen

Sell to more customers online and off with eCom.

Expand with advanced software built to secure and grow your business across channels. With one click and one platform, sync your physical inventory across all your locations to your eCom store—so you save time and increase your profits.

  • Import your stock from every location and organise your shipments from your eCom back office
  • Easily set up your eCom store with mobile-responsive, customisable templates and quick inventory sync
  • Direct shoppers to your physical stores with a locations page that always stays up to date
  • Drive traffic to your online store with built-in tools to boost SEO

Transform your business with Vend by Lightspeed.

If there was ever a time to adopt the tools to ignite your business’s potential—it’s now. Lightspeed and Vend have joined forces to provide a one-stop commerce platform to help your business perform at its best.

Person using phone to locate local clothes stores

Bring Google shoppers in store without leaving your ePOS.

Reach out to nearby shoppers searching for products online with Google local inventory ads, managed right in Lightspeed. Just sync your inventory and set up your campaigns, then check on your ad insights without needing to leave your ePOS.

  • Be one of the top results on Google when nearby customers search for products in stock
  • Combine local inventory ads with curbside pickup through Lightspeed to adapt to changing customer behaviour
  • Automatically pause ads when products sell out to minimize marketing costs
  • Leverage ad campaign results to stay on top of changing customer tastes—measured right in your ePOS

Offer gift cards that work online and in store.

Improve cash flow and customer loyalty without extra fees. With omnichannel gift card management, your customers can purchase and redeem the same gift cards in store and online.

  • Manage omnichannel gift cards with no extra fees or third-party partners required
  • Sell customisable gift cards, from design to messaging to amount and more, that reflect your brand
  • Choose between paper, plastic or eGift cards, or make them all available for customers
  • Issue gift cards, transfer balances and view gift card balances and history without leaving your ePOS
Shop by appointment's scheduling interface

Take appointments for in-store services from your eCom site with Shop by Appointment.

With Shop by Appointment, omnichannel Lightspeed merchants can create and manage in-store appointments without having to leave their Lightspeed point of sale. Be it personal shopping services, bike repairs, jewellery fittings or bridal appointments—and more—give customers the freedom to book online.

  • Easily take appointments from your webstore
  • Bring customers in store for services and personal shopping appointments
  • Reduce no-shows with automatic confirmation and reminder emails
  • Manage all your appointments without needing to leave the eCom back office

Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers with omnichannel loyalty.

Offer reward points across channels with an integrated customer loyalty program. Regardless of where your customers are shopping, you can track customer spending and send targeted offers from one dashboard.

  • Craft a tiered rewards program to encourage repeat purchases online and in store
  • Determine whether you want to send a promo to those who bought online, in store or to everyone.
  • Send custom one-off deals on birthdays or to VIP shoppers
  • Design emails with the built-in templates and drag-and-drop builder
Person managing loyalty programme from laptop
Taking payment at the ePOS terminal with a contactless card

Offer contactless payments to protect your customers and staff.

Accept all popular payment methods, offer fast mobile transactions and secure your data with our retail ePOS software and integrated solution.

  • Carry out fast transactions anywhere with a swipe, dip or tap of every credit, debit and gift card
  • Protect your business from fraud and human error with a fully integrated system
  • Offer convenience by with paperless receipts sent straight to customers' email addresses
  • Protect your data with PCI compliant payment processing

Guide: Break up with traditional retail.

Omnichannel is not just the future of commerce—it’s what your customers want and expect today. Learn how to upgrade to omnichannel with Lightspeed.

Bike shop worker checking stock quantity levels on Lightspeed ePOS

Safeguard your stock and sync products across channels.

Keep tabs on your inventory with up-to-date counts from one ePOS system. With smart retail inventory management tools, protect the heart of your business with all of your data in one place.

  • Manage your eCom inventory from the same retail ePOS system that runs your physical locations
  • Centralise purchasing with built-in purchase orders that combine multiple vendors and stores
  • Sell assembled or serialised items and manage multiple variations with customisable matrices
  • Keep track of your stock levels and maintain optimal quantities at all times with reorder points

Manage multiple locations with a retail ePOS system that scales with you.

Manage your first, second and every other location with a single system. Lightspeed Retail evolves with you.

  • Manage stock between locations with quick and easy product transfers
  • Monitor your entire business through one system with built-in multi-store reports
  • Simplify multi-location ordering with centralised purchasing and master orders
  • Provide customers with a seamless experience with shared customer data across location
A clothes rack in an apparel store, with pins at different locations in Bristol and London
Lightspeed Retail's back office reporting interface

Increase profits with over 50 built-in retail reports.

Track everything that contributes to your success in real-time and take full control of your retail business. Let your ePOS system tell you what's working with built-in reporting.

  • Check on your sales, profits and trends with built-in revenue reports
  • Track costs and margins, negative inventory and transfers with built-in inventory reports
  • Track employee performance with reports on units per sale, voids, workorders and more
  • Want even more data? Add Lightspeed Analytics to your ePOS system

“Lightspeed lets us control all our stores from one place, which gives us huge peace of mind ”

Support specialist smiling with headphones one

The kind of support you've always wanted.

One-on-one onboarding sessions, dedicated support, regular check-ins, webinars, demos, videos and guides. We have everything you need, when you need it—all for free.

  • Unlimited 24/7 support from a dedicated team of specialists
  • Free one-on-one onboarding session
  • Fully stacked library of guides, webinars, demos and videos

Everything you need, in one place. Finally.

All of our software integrate seamlessly to each other, making it an unbeatable suite of retail solutions.

  • One company to trust. One source of customer data. One support team
  • Get one fully integrated retail system
  • Choose from basic to pro feature bundles to best meet your needs
Range of Lightspeed hardware
Lightspeed's iPad stand with cash drawer and receipt printer

Need retail ePOS hardware?
We have that too.

Ours is designed to have a big impact on the way you work. Not your wallet. Start from scratch or complete your existing set with our top-quality scanners, printers and registers tailored to your needs.

Your retail success toolkit

Lightspeed is your partner in retail growth. From business intelligence guides to tools you can use today, get started with free resources to get you thinking and amplify your entrepreneurial efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Lightspeed Retail?

You can get started with Lightspeed Retail by reaching out one of our dedicated product experts.

Upon purchase Lightspeed Retail ePOS, new customers can join a webinar there they can get introduced to the software, and ask any questions about the product and the on-boarding process. You can then have a one-to-one session with an on-boarding specialist who will walk with you through processes like inventory upload, product training and hardware set up.

This process can take anywhere between two weeks to three months depending on the complexity of your business and Lightspeed set-up. We understand that every business is unique and aim to approach your ePOS needs on a case-by-case basis.

Can I transfer my existing inventory?

Yes, provided your business has an existing POS system that inventory that inventory can be exported from. If there is no POS system in place, you can download this inventory spreadsheet template, that can assist with uploading your inventory into the Lightspeed Retail back office.

Is hardware included?

Hardware is not included in a standard Lightspeed Retail subscription. We can supply the following hardware at an extra cost:

Cash drawer
Customer facing receipt printer
Barcode label printer
USB scanner

For more information about compatible hardware, visit our hardware page.

How do I switch from my current solution?

It's as simple as providing a current inventory list and starting a contract with Lightspeed. We offer both monthly and annual contracts.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Lightspeed Retail plan?

Yes. It's common for customers to upgrade from a monthly to an annual subscription plan, usually so they can try out the product before committing to a year.

You can also upgrade your Lightspeed Retail plan with add-on's like Loyalty, eCommerce and Analytics.