The wine and liquor ePOS that helps you raise the bar

Lightspeed helps you run your business efficiently, allowing you to build a loyal base through online and offline sales.

The wine and liquor ePOS that helps you raise the bar

Sales features designed for your unique needs.

From setting age limits at the register to fulfilling niche requests, Lightspeed has what your off-licence needs to handle every step of the sales journey. With our iPad ePOS system, inventory information and customer profiles are at your fingertips, allowing you to sell in more connected, personalised ways.

  • Set limits that require customers to verify their age with customisable register rules
  • Consult customer profiles to give personalised recommendations
  • Use inventory images to show your customers a selection of products from an iPad
  • Take special orders and never miss a sale of rare or niche products you don't have in stock

Efficient inventory organisation tools so you can do more in less time.

Wine and liquor shops sell by the case and by the bottle. You sell varying flavours and volumes. As an off-license, you need an ePOS system that can handle your inventory needs while saving you time on purchasing—and Lightspeed can get you there.

  • Save time on restocking with built-in purchase orders
  • Organise products with size and flavour variants with easy-to-use product matrices
  • Sell by the case or individual units with boxed inventory capabilities
  • Import up to 10,000 SKUs at a time with the efficient item import tool

Built-in tools help you record and access your data with ease.

Any liquor store ePOS worth its salt should help you make informed decisions about your stock—and Lightspeed does all that and more. From efficient inventory counts to a breadth of built-in reports you can enrich with customisable tags and categories, Lightspeed helps you take your inventory management to the next level.

  • Get to know your sales data with built-in retail reports
  • Handle inventory counts efficiently with built-in tools
  • Ensure you always have enough stock on hand with programmable reorder points
  • Enrich your reports and data with customizable subcategories

Top liquor store tools available with Lightspeed

Quickly launch email marketing campaigns by syncing your customer data with Mailchimp.

Communicate with customers over SMS, directly within Lightspeed point of sale software.

Automate the creation and follow-up of invoices for B2B sales with this fully integrated invoicing tool.

Get found online more easily, so you can expand your reach and boost conversions.

The kind of support you've always wanted.

One-on-one onboarding sessions, dedicated support, regular check-ins, webinars, demos, videos and guides. We have everything you need, when you need it—all for free.

  • Unlimited 24/7 support from a dedicated team of specialists
  • Free one-on-one onboarding session
  • Fully stacked library of guides, webinars, demos and videos

Everything you need, in one place. Finally.

All of our software integrate seamlessly to each other, making it an unbeatable suite of retail solutions.

  • One company to trust. One source of customer data. One support team
  • Get one fully integrated retail system
  • Choose from basic to pro feature bundles to best meet your needs
Lightspeed's iPad stand with cash drawer and receipt printer

Need hardware? We have that too.

Ours is designed to have a big impact on the way you work. Not your wallet. Start from scratch or complete your existing set with our top-quality gear tailored to your needs.

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