Increase your ticket size with revenue-generating sales and marketing

With a full suite of sales and marketing tools at your disposal, you'll have the power to maximise your revenue and develop new streams of income for your course.

A better booking experience.

Let players book and pay for their rounds online anytime, anywhere.

  • Easily install a booking widget on your pre-existing website
  • Let players continue booking rounds even when your golf course is closed
  • Give the option or force pre-payment for rounds to decrease no shows
  • Capture golfer information and automatically input it into your customer database

An online ticket book system.

Manage your ticket books with online booking that allows you to track redeemed rounds, multi-beneficiary packages and more.

  • Allow golfers to share packages with multi-beneficiary functionality
  • Reduce no-shows and collect payment at the time of booking
  • Track payments and rounds from ticket books with a simple dashboard
  • Set restrictions and discount limits for golfers using online ticket books

Get the right value for your tee times.

Maximize revenue from popular tee times and reduce lost revenue from your least popular ones with an automated dynamic pricing strategy.

  • Create multiple pricing templates and apply them to different days of the week
  • Set it and forget it, a completely automated system that saves you time and money
  • You're in control, optimize your strategy whenever you need to
  • Simply build decision trees that change prices based on your exact needs

Enhance your golfers' booking process.

With booking extras, golfers can add additional items to their round at the time of booking.

  • Golfers are more likely to add items to their round when given the option at booking
  • Benefit from total control over what extras to offer and how much to charge
  • Know what your golfers need ahead of time and have it ready for them
  • Increase ticket sizes with prominently displayed extra options

Gain access to thousands of golfers online.

List your course for free on our online Marketplace and get exposure from golfers looking to book their next tee time.

  • Easily reach golfers looking for tee times online in your area
  • Completely free to list and simple to modify at any time
  • Promote tee times with discounts to attract more golfers
  • No website? No problem. List all of your course information on your course page

Send emails with a purpose.

Cut through the noise of over crowded inboxes with ChronoPitch email marketing.

  • Send targeted email blasts to customers with information or promotions
  • Track opens and clicks to see what performs the best
  • Set up automated campaigns that are triggered based on customer behaviour
  • Use a pre-built template or build your own to fit your style

A golf course check-in experience like no other

Reduce wait times and get golfers to the first tee faster with a self check-in kiosk

  • Automate your check-in process and cut down on wait times
  • User friendly controls make check-in and payment easy for everyone
  • Track and store customer data in a mobile dashboard
  • Generate upsells for food & beverage or range balls through the kiosk interface

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