The fine dining ePOS for outstanding restaurant experiences

The point of sale technology with the highest standards, shift after shift.

Offer exceptional service.

Offer exceptional service.

So intuitive, your guests won't be able to tell your newest waiter from your most experienced.

  • Preset modifiers and add-on suggestions
  • Create upsell reminders
  • Add photos and descriptions to each menu item
  • Get to know your customers by creating profiles
  • Build custom floor plans

Put an end to long wait times.

Streamline service and make each task faster and easier so you can deliver at an even higher level.

  • Send items to the kitchen or bar
  • Fire courses as needed
  • Assign orders to customer profiles
  • Split bills and transfer items on-the-spot
Put an end to long wait times.
Strategically design your menu.

Strategically design your menu.

No detail is too small with the ePOS that pays as much attention to your menu as you do.

  • Know what your customers are ordering
  • Create specialised menus
  • Manage custom categories
  • Add promotions to exclusive events
Run your restaurant at full capacity.

Run your restaurant at full capacity.

Our integrated partners offer tools that let you run your business without restrictions. We work with the best so your restaurant can exceed all expectations.

See how upscale restaurants operate at the highest level.

Meet the Chef gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of the industry’s best. Watch six of Belgium’s most renowned chefs on their journey to perfection and get insight into how these master chefs keep their restaurants at the top.

Prep your restaurant for success.

Lightspeed is with you every step of the way.

Personalized business assesment

Personalized business assesment

Talk to an expert and strategize a plan based on your needs.



Get the tools you need to operate at the highest level.

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24/7 support

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