Maison Cloakroom

Montreal, Canada

The concept is simple: custom-made, well-curated cocktails for a refined crowd.

Found in the Golden Square Mile, right in the heart of Montreal’s distinguished downtown, Maison Cloakroom was born out of a neighbouring tailor shop. Classy, exclusive and beautifully refined, the shop inspired Maison Cloakroom owner JP Haddad, who felt his bar would be a natural complement to the adjacent business. Walk into the gray stone building housing the tailor shop and you’re greeted by a mirror on a wall. Give the mirror frame a light pull and you’ll find the wall opening up to reveal a dimly lit hallway, leading to the chic and rather exclusive Maison Cloakroom.

A seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the nightlife industry, JP felt that the combination of location and creative concept would be a surefire win...and things have gone even better than imagined. Despite the secret location, word is getting out; the variety in guests visiting the speakeasy now varies greatly, from young professionals to an artistic crowd. The hidden doorway into Maison Cloakroom never closes.

So what makes the concept unique? When they first opened, the speakeasy operated (and continues to do so on occasion) without a set menu. Guests would enter and have a conversation with the mixologist, who would then concoct a tailor-made cocktail based on the guest’s tastes and preferences. The result is always creative, visually appealing and like no other. Since those early days, the staff at Maison Cloakroom have built a cocktail list for busy nights when the mixologists simply don’t have the time to invent unique drinks for every guest. Nonetheless, the bartenders consistently add their own unique touch to the drinks they serve.

In addition, every single ingredient that goes into the cocktails is of the highest quality and everything served within the bar is made in-house, from the citruses which are pressed à la minute to the ice which is frozen and hand-carved.

“I love creating new experiences for people and I think that Lightspeed will definitely be a major factor in helping me do that.”
- JP Haddad, Owner of Maison Cloakroom

Why did JP decide to use Lightspeed for their POS and business management system?

The choice was actually a simple one. First of all, he needed a system that would let him keep an eye on sales from anywhere in the world. Lightspeed Restaurant is cloud-based, allowing him to access his sales data from any location. The other prerequisite was a system that matched the ambiance and appearance of his speakeasy. The use of an iPad-based POS system was something that JP felt was necessary within a sleek environment such as Maison Cloakroom.

For the owner needing to maintain a constant eye on sales from anywhere in the world, being able to download reports and track sales was of the highest priority for him, which is exactly what he got with Lightspeed.

No matter which direction his business grows in and where he opens new locations, JP plans to continue running his bars with Lightspeed. Ease of use, access to reports, the ability to track sales and a clean-cut appearance — everything a bar like Maison Cloakroom needed in a POS system, all in one Lightspeed-shaped package.

Maison Cloakroom

What I really love about Lightspeed is the fact that it’s cloud-based so it allows me to track my sales by the minute.
Montreal, Canada

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