Lightspeed Restaurant EPOS system in the UK

A mobile point of sale that helps bars, restaurants, and cafés deliver a better customer experience and run a more profitable business.

Lightspeed Restaurant isn’t your average EPOS system. It’s an all-in-one, cloud-based restaurant management system designed to help you build, maintain and grow your business while continuously providing unforgettable customer experiences. From efficient table-side ordering and employee management to reporting and accounting, our EPOS system for restaurants offers all the tools you need to run a successful operation, whether you own a single location or many.



  • Create an appealing visual menu, share it across locations and update it instantly as you see fit, whether at work, at home or anywhere in between.
  • Run a more efficient operation by scheduling staff according to your peak hours and tracking both their shifts and performance all from one place.
  • Make changes on the fly to truly personalise the experience you offer. From table layouts to split bills, easily accommodate patron requests.
  • Control exactly what information your employees can view and what settings they can change with the help of extensive user-permission settings.
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  • Speed up the learning curve by arming your staff with intuitive devices and software they’re familiar with. Chances are they own, or have used an iPad before!
  • A cloud-based iPad EPOS offers you and your staff increased mobility, which allows you to take orders and process payments wherever your customers happen to be.
  • Speed up wait times and increase table turnover with a system that’s known for optimising any restaurant’s ordering and payment processes.
  • With an iPad in hand, your staff get instant access to specific menu details and can field even the trickiest of food or wine-related questions.
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  • Improve coordination between your front and back-of-house with a restaurant EPOS system that acts as a direct line of communication between the floor and the kitchen.
  • From regular happy hours to special events, all it takes is a couple of clicks to set up specials and promotions that can help to provide a steady flow of patrons.
  • Whether customers want to split their bills, walk away with printed receipts or have them emailed to them, you can do it all right from your EPOS.
  • Worried about having to rely on an internet connection? Don’t be. Our Liteserver ensures you’re always up and running and that your customers are always served.
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  • Improve the customer service you offer by getting rid of line ups, eliminating errors and freeing staff to answer questions.
  • Automate the manual process of ordering, helping your reduce labour costs and run a more efficient operation.
  • Set up your restaurant the way you want. Choose from either a stationary kiosk or having iPads tableside.
  • Eliminate errors by having guests place their own orders. Include modifier or allergen information, so they know exactly what they’re getting.
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  • Access real-time reports that provide you with the data you need, so you’re always aware of what’s happening in your establishment.
  • Track which items are selling out, which are being overlooked and adjust your menu accordingly, based on customer preference and sales..
  • Get a better handle on your stock levels with a restaurant inventory management system that alerts you when ingredients or items are running low.
  • Identify your all-star employees from the rest by pulling reports that paint a clear picture of how much profit your staff bring in and how quickly they can turn tables.
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  • Easily sync your restaurant EPOS system with your Xero or Quickbooks accounting software in minutes.
  • Save time managing your finances with an accounting integration that automates the posting of all of your financial data.
  • Reduce your number of accounting inconsistencies and errors by relying on a system that syncs your sales data to your accounting software on a daily basis.
  • Set benchmarks and goals, then measure! Easy-to-understand reporting dashboards provide a snapshot of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance.
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When it comes to choosing the right restaurant management software for your business, you should be looking for a restaurant EPOS system built specifically for the type of establishment you run. Lightspeed Restaurant offers features designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of single and multi-location establishments. So, what kind of hospitality business do you run?

Rub Smokehouse

“We’re developing very quickly, and as we grow, [Lightspeed] will help us grow.” - Jason Rowe, Managing Director



Depending on the kind of establishment you run, the hardware and accessories you need may vary. You need the right EPOS system for your restaurant. From iPads, cash drawers and printers to stands, cases, card readers and socket scanners, we’ve got all the tools that will allow you to get the most out of your EPOS.

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From accounting, loyalty and scheduling to payments and advanced stock management, our partners offer a variety of unique services that seamlessly integrate with our restaurant EPOS system. These add-ons can help you save time, money and allow you to run your business at its full potential.

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Finding the perfect space, building your menu and hiring the right staff takes time. The good new is that setting up your EPOS is fast and easy.

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Whatever your plans for the future, Lightspeed can help you get there. Our EPOS software simplifies multi-location business management, giving you the power to grow.

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The type of EPOS system for restaurant that you choose can impact its success. Make the switch to our point of sale to streamline your operations and improve the experience you offer.

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