The home decor ePOS designed for both in-store and online sales

Keep track of your inventory, ensure excellent customer service and learn from your data to grow across channels with Lightspeed Retail.

Take control of your inventory across multiple channels and stores.

Stock and sell home decor, furniture sets and fixtures with Lightspeed Retail's inventory management features.

  • Track product purchases, costs and sales and keep your store stocked with the right merchandise
  • Create product bundles like furniture sets to drive sales and profits
  • Set reorder points to ensure that you never run out of fast-moving stock
  • Track inventory across multiple locations, warehouses and channels
Scented candle shown on Lightspeed Retail's inventory management interface. Quantity on hand, re-order point and product categories are shown below it. Retailer using iPad in shop in background.

Make well-informed decisions in all areas of your business.

Gain valuable intel into your products, customers and staff with comprehensive reporting.

  • Use flexible report filters to drill down on the exact metrics you need
  • Set sales targets for your team, track their performance and keep them motivated
  • Increase shopper engagement by monitoring customer spend and purchase history
  • Selling across multiple stores and showrooms? Centralise your data and reports on one platform
Graph showing business revenue with pins for different locations shown on the right

Create superb store and showroom experiences.

Make home decor and furniture shopping a joy for your customers using Lightspeed Retail customer management and loyalty tools.

  • Optimise checkout or ring up sales on the showroom floor with an ePOS that works on both tablets and computers
  • Build customer profiles to track their purchase history and spending habits
  • Make yourself the go-to home decor store with customer loyalty tools
  • Accept special order requests for products you don't have in stock

Improve your sales and brand presence both online and off.

Set up shop in store, online and on social media. Lightspeed's one-stop commerce platform has all your sales channels covered.

  • Launch a beautiful online storefront with Lightspeed's eCommerce tools and integrations
  • Sell your products on online marketplaces plus social networks like Facebook and Instagram
  • Enjoy flexibility with order fulfilment by using tools like local delivery zones, in-store pickup and shipping

Offer great services, not just products.

Service and craftsmanship are just as important as the products themselves. Manage all of your Service Orders in one place to align your staff, provide exceptional customer service, and operate efficiently.

  • Manage your time efficiently, and see in real-time how many services are scheduled for a given day
  • With customisable employee permissions, give any employee the ability to schedule repair, or customisation, appointments
  • View each customer's repairs history to track previous and current service orders
  • Use notes and tags on customer profiles to give your customers personalised service, no matter who is on shift
Retailer processing a payment on Lightspeed Retail, customer's hand reaches toward iPad with a card in it

Everything you need to process sales and get paid in one place.

Accept any amount, with any card, from any issuer all with one predictable rate. No third-party accounts, no hidden fees—just fast and secure integrated payments.

Top home decor store tools available with Lightspeed Retail

Capture customer data, view customer purchase history and create marketable audiences straight from your point of sale.

Manage your books with a seamless integration between Xero’s advanced accounting platform and Lightspeed Retail.

Automate data entry by syncing daily reconciliation, invoices, customers’ and suppliers’ details and more to Lightspeed Retail.

Enhance customer experience, grow sales and retain customers across channels with Marsello’s data-driven loyalty and email marketing platform.

It's time to take your store online.

Lightspeed integrates with some of the biggest names in eCommerce. Sync your physical inventory with your online store, sell across channels, and manage your omnichannel business from one easy platform.

Integrate with:
Shopify | Bigcommerce | Woocommerce | Ecwid

Get the kind of support you've always wanted.

One-on-one onboarding. Webinars, demos and videos. Unlimited 24/7 support. All totally free.

Lightspeed ePOS stand with receipt printer and card reader

Need retail ePOS hardware? We have that too.

Ours is designed to have a big impact on the way you work. Not your wallet. Start from scratch or complete your existing set with our top-quality gear tailored to your needs.

“Lightspeed enables us to sell online 24/7, which has been a revelation to us.”

Andrew, Papillon Living