Papillon Living

Brighton, UK

Walking through the doors of the Papillon Living interiors shop is like stepping into a world of sensory treasures. Flickering candles, exotic smells, contrasting colours and intriguing objects work in harmony to create a truly unique shopping journey, worlds apart from the utilitarian feel of many retail environments.

For Papillon Living’s owners, Stephen Anderson and Andrew Allen, overall customer satisfaction is the driving force behind their business. Their focus on delivering a unique overall customer experience has helped them scale up from a small gift shop in 2009 to what it is today: a thriving interior business that attracts customers countrywide.

To adapt to the growing number of customers and their evolving needs, Stephen and Andrew decided to set up an online store. But they were only willing to go virtual with a solution that was both easy-to-use and would allow them to replicate the sensory journey of their in-store customer experience on the web.

Papillon Living

Watch an interview with Papillon Living's owners to see in detail how their business has benefited from Lightspeed's omnichannel solution.

In April of this year, they discovered Lightspeed’s omnichannel solution — a powerful combination of our retail point of sale and eCommerce platform; a solution that would not only enable the owners to create an online shop, but also give them an all-in-one solution from which to manage their in-store and online shops seamlessly.

The transition was smooth. Anderson and Allen were able to sync their EPOS to their new eCom website at the simple press of a button and, so far, have been delighted with the results of their omnichannel operation.

“Our in-store and online offering is seamless, and that's beautiful for us as a business.”

“Our in-store and online offering is seamless, and that's beautiful for us as a business.”

- Andrew Allen, Co-owner



In just a few months, Stephen and Andrew have already seen how Lightspeed’s omnichannel solution can transform their business. Having access to a comprehensive view of their data at all times makes it easy for them to quickly make informed decisions that encompass their entire business.

By bringing the in-store experience to the online world, they are now able deliver to shoppers worldwide the same welcoming experience that helped them achieve their in-store success.

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