Simplify your inventory management

Manage your stock

Manage your stock

Whether you sell bundled, serialized or unique items that require multiple variations, we have the tools you need to keep your stock moving.

  • Process and follow work orders directly in the system
  • Create product variations such as size, colour and material
  • Identify pieces of inventory with a unique serial number
  • Bundle individual items to sell them as a package
  • Create special orders to meet individual customer needs
  • Track inventory levels and SKUs across multiple locations

Order your products

Centralize your purchasing and save time by ordering new stock directly from our system's integrated vendor catalogs.

  • Directly import products from over 3,000 preloaded catalogues
  • Easily fulfill and deliver special orders for customers
  • Set custom reorder points so you never run out of best-sellers
  • Consolidate all purchases, transfers and orders into a single order
  • Automatically remove returned items from your inventory
Order your products
Move inventory faster

Move inventory faster

Have full control over how much you charge. Automate discounts for customer segments, set up seasonal promotions in advance, and much more.

  • Change prices in bulk
  • Automate your discounts
  • Create coupons and promotions
  • Allow giveaways and donations
  • Give employee discounts
  • Set up price rules

Make smart decisions

Never run out of your best-sellers again. Get access to all the data you need to get old inventory off your shelves, fast.

  • Track unit costs and margins
  • Set reorder point notifications
  • Identify your old inventory
  • Anticipate shopping trends
  • Reduce inventory cost
Make smart decisions
We’re able to keep a tight control over our inventory with seamless transferring, whether it’s for a specific customer or for stock balancing. Additionally, the reporting features make restocking and sales analyses quick, accurate, and easy.
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