Lightspeed Restaurant features

From customisable menus to easy-to-use reports that help you manage your business, our fully featured restaurant solution is so much more than a point of sale.


Inventory management

Managing your stock is the first step in creating a great experience. See what you have and what you need to never disappoint customers.

Customisable menu

Create your menu in minutes and add or remove items at will. Add photos and descriptions to let guests know exactly what to order.


Find the item's allergen information directly on your ePOS, and make sure everyone's in the clear.

Adjustable floorplan

Make sure floor plan adjustments are added to the system so your staff always know where to go and the customers never wait too long.

Staff profile

Give each member of your staff their own access to Lightspeed Restaurant so they only see what they need.


Printers, cash registers, iPad stands—we've got all the hardware you need to create the perfect work environment.

Tableside ordering

Mobile service

Don't be restricted by table, take orders on the spot from anywhere. Send directly to the kitchen or the bar from your iPad, iPhone or iTouch


Want to personalise your ePOS system? Leverage our extensive network of over 100 integrated partners.

Takeaway & Delivery

Process takeout and delivery orders in the system and increase profit.

Flexible Billing

Forget about manual calculations and big headaches when it comes to billing. Divide, group, transfer items between seats and more. Do it all.

Automatic sequence suggestion

Some items just go well together. With automatic sequence recognition, your staff won't ever miss the opportunity to make the right suggestion.


Visa, Mastercard, Zettle, Sumup, Payworks and Paymentsense... Allow your customers to use their preferred payment methods and finish their experience as smoothly as it started.

Bill splitting made easy

Easily split bills by seat, amount, dish or all of the above with just a few clicks.

Multi-course ordering

From appetisers to dessert, take orders all at once then notify the kitchen when guests are ready for their next course.

Assign orders by seat

Deliver an exceptionally smooth dining experience. Take orders for the whole table, or by seat.

Mobility & Cloud

iPad ePOS

Your data, menu and ordering systems are always with you, no matter where you go.

Remote access

Want to stay at home or be at a fair and keep an eye on your establishment? No problem. Lightspeed Restaurant moves with you.

Menu adjustments

Add, remove or modify items directly in your back office. Easily implement changes to all your ePOS devices.

Offline mode

TrueSync technology ensures that your business is never interrupted, even if your internet goes down.

PMS integration

Connect your PMS to your ePOS and give your hotel guests a seamless experience, whether in their room or in your hotel restaurant.

Safe data storage

No matter what happens, Your data remains secure.

Mobile Reporting

Stay on top of each of your location's sales and revenue in real time straight from your phone with Lightspeed Live.

Staff management

Clock in, clock out

Better calculate work hours by letting your staff clock in and clock out of the system at the start and end of their shift.

Employee reports

See how members of your team are doing. From hours to sales, Lightspeed Restaurant gives you a complete picture of their day.

Employee permissions

Not everyone needs to check the stock or sales numbers for the whole team. Decide who can see what in the system.

End of day reports

Let Lightspeed Restaurant tell you how good of a day it has been. Overall sales, sales per employee, you can see it all.

Individual accounts

Give your employees sales tools tailored to their needs. Set up individual accounts to give them their own work ecosystem.

Scheduling integrations

Never be short on staff. Get an overview of your employees' schedules to better plan for peak periods.

Multi-store management

Product detail syncing

Share products across your global menu and determine which products are available at which prices across all or some of your locations.

Employee management

Create your employees a single time and define in which locations they are able to log in to the ePOS

Centralised and localised giftcards

The choice is yours! Let your customers promote your products with localised gift cards or cards that are valid across all your locations.

Location reporting

Get an overview of your entire business. Lightspeed gathers all data from each location into one place.

Customer data

See all your customer information per location from a single platform.

Add new locations

Whether you’re looking to open a new location or develop your own franchise, it just takes a few clicks to add new locations.

Secure data storage

All transactions are securely stored using blockchain and cloud technology.


Product reports

See your top selling products, your orders and your current stock as well as all the information related to costs and taxes.

End-of-day reports

Has it been a good day? Lightspeed Restaurant gives an overview of your sales and your cash drawer activity.

User Reports

See every transaction processed by your staff and a list of the receipts per user with the tip information.


Don't spend hours doing all the calculations yourself. Have your accounting numbers posted each day via an accounting software integration.

Mobile reporting on anywhere

Assess your business's performance on the go with real-time data and advanced dashboards from any device! All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Mobile reporting from anywhere

Assess your business's performance on the go with real-time data and advanced dashboards from any device or on the Live App for iOS devices. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Cash drawers

Track your cash drawer's activity with a detailed breakdown of each transaction. Assign a cash drawer by user or ePOS device, and accept multiple payment options.

Customer loyalty

Customer data

Build relationships with your customers. Keep tabs on what they buy and how often they visit.

Set timed prices

Set discounted prices directly in the system during specific time periods. The system will turn the promotions off automatically once the period has ended.

Customer tabs

Make your guests at home with customer tabs listing all their orders and invoices.

Gift cards

Your customers can draw others to your business by purchasing gift cards. Expand your reach and increase word of mouth.

Loyalty integrations

Strengthen customer relationships and drive repeat business by building loyalty programs that reward loyal customers.

Less paper, happier customers

Cutdown on paper consumption by sending receipts directly to your customers via email. You’ll make them and the planet happy, while building a solid CRM with reliable data.

Loyalty programmes

Create loyalty programs, reward repeat customers, and boost customer retention with in-built punch cards and discounts on selected products.

Customer facing display

Improve the customer experience by giving them a clear overview of their orders and avoiding costly mistakes.

Training and support

Onboarding session

You won't start alone. Our onboarding experts will demonstrate how to make the best use of your ePOS.

Unlimited phone support

With Lightspeed, support is one less thing you need to worry about. We have agents available around the clock to answer your questions.

Email and chat support

Have a quick question? Don't wait on the phone to get the answer. Simply send us a message on the email or chat, and we'll get back to you!

Customer forum

Use our community forum to share your experience, get tips and share advice with your peers

Account history

We keep your account history to help you more efficiently going forward. That way. you needn't explain who you are and what is your business when you call each time.


Join our webinars to learn how to make the most of your Lightspeed POS system and receive invaluable advice from industry experts.