The best EPOS system for bars and nightclubs

Allowing you to take orders from anywhere and send them automatically to the bar, our point of sale won’t spoil the party.

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Powered by our restaurant POS since 2015.

Take payments and open bar tabs easily

Speed and efficiency

Take payments and open bar tabs easily

For a quick service, bartenders can access menu items and take payment without leaving the order screen. To open bar tabs, swipe your customer’s credit card and capture their first and last names.

More than anything, Lightspeed has helped us speed up our sales process, so that we can get from one customer to the next without any downtime.
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Intuitive interface that’s easy to learn

Minimal staff training

Intuitive interface that’s easy to learn

Lightspeed Restaurant avoids workflows that can slow down service and is easy for new employees to learn. Your new staff will be ready to take orders in no time and they’ll be sent directly to the bar or kitchen.

We gave everybody a lesson on it and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Everybody picked it up in a snap.
North Star Machines North Star Machines
Never miss a sale if your internet fails

Online and offline mode

Never miss a sale if your internet fails

Don’t worry if your internet goes down; the Liteserver will sync your data as soon as the connection is back up. Our local app server also ensures app speed and functionality regardless of internet quality.

Everything goes way smoother than with normal till software.
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Take orders from anywhere

Full mobility

Take orders from anywhere

Whether they are standing at the bar or chilling on the terrasse, your customers want the full experience. Let your staff come to them, offer suggestions and take payments on the spot.

We’re always looking for greater sales, higher volume, bigger volumes.
Norseman Distillery Norseman Distillery
Make smart business decisions

Detailed sales reports

Make smart business decisions

Do you need to stock up on a particular vodka? Does soda sell faster than tonic? Find out what your customers want with complete reports and keep your bar stocked accordingly.

Being able to view how the business is performing through Lightspeed reports is priceless.