Restaurant data analytics

Make faster, smarter decisions with Advanced Insights

Go beyond traditional sales reports. Advanced Insights turns data into actionable steps that help you grow revenue.

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Eliminate guesswork and enable growth

Boost sales and improve customer service with menu insights, guest profiles and staff performance.

  • Get a detailed breakdown of your menu performance and feature your best dishes more prominently
  • Access server reports to identify top-performers and uncover coaching opportunities
  • Track how often customers are coming back, how much they spend and which menu items they order most
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Data from every aspect of your business in one place.

Bring all your consumption, payment, staff and sales data together in one place to make smarter decisions.

  • Analyse the consumption behaviour of your guests with the help of sales and payment data
  • Identify and improve popular dishes with low profit margins
  • Perfect your workforce planning thanks to heat maps with revenue per hour and peak hours
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Considering the switch to Lightspeed?

Switching to Lightspeed is easy. From data migration to hardware and payments setup, our industry experts support you each step of the way.

  • 24/7 support
  • Expert onboarding team
  • Dedicated Account Manager to answer every question
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Find out what Lightspeed can do for your business

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How does Lightspeed Advanced Insights work?

Lightspeed Advanced Insights uses the data harnessed from Lightspeed Payments–plus staff and sales data–to create accurate, real-time reports. Lightspeed Advanced Insights is fully GDPR-compliant.

The data is formatted into easily digestible graphs and reports that let you visualise all sales by month, week, day or hour. You can also spot your busiest time of the day and week, and discover your best and worst selling menu items.

How much does Lightspeed Advanced Insights cost?

Lightspeed Advanced Insights is included with all Lightspeed Restaurant Plans–starter, essential, premium and enterprise. To access Lightspeed Advanced Insights, you must be transacting on Lightspeed Payments. See the pricing page for more details.

Why should I use Lightspeed Advanced Insights?

Lightspeed Advanced Insights is currently the only solution on the market that combines data from guest transactions and restaurant operations through embedded payment processing.

Eliminate guesswork and enable growth by getting a detailed breakdown of your menu performance and feature your best dishes more prominently. Plus, staff profiles provide you with the tools to empower and retain your employees.

Zero set-up or maintenance is required, simply access the reports and start making smarter, faster data-driven decisions.

How can I access Lightspeed Advanced Insights?

Lightspeed Advanced Insights is available through the Lightspeed Restaurant back office. The live app lets you see exactly what’s happening in each of your locations from your mobile or tablet.

Plus, the Daily Digest email gives you concise and valuable insights about your restaurant in a convenient format–it’s sent straight to your inbox every morning.

How will Lightspeed Advanced Insights save my business time?

Lightspeed Advanced Insights saves your business time on reporting, giving you more time to spend with guests. The easy-to-understand graphs show you a clear breakdown of different parts of your business, and you can filter your view to see breakdowns by the month, week, day and hour.

What operating system does Lightspeed ePOS work on?

Lightspeed works with Apple’s iOS mobile operating system and can be used with your existing Apple devices. It is not compatible with Android devices.