Deliver next-level service, powered by your casual
dining ePOS

Empower your staff with an intuitive system, reduce wait times for diners and streamline ordering with a casual dining point of sale that makes any task faster and easier to do.

Deliver next-level service, powered by your casual</br> dining ePOS
Tools to better meet your diners' needs.

Tools to better meet your diners' needs.

Help your restaurant stand out with an ePOS that speeds up tasks, reduces wait times and minimises errors. Lightspeed's intuitive system empowers your staff to tailor an experience for customers.

  • Get to know diners and personalise your service with precise customer data
  • Split bills between diner, course or item, and offer guests single seat checkout
  • Enable up-selling by syncing your menu to your ePOS and linking complimentary items
  • End your customer's experience as smoothly as it started with integrated payment software

Reach more customers with Lightspeed’s delivery integration.

Take your menu on the road, sync to major food delivery apps and grow your business through one easy delivery integration.

  • Get orders from UberEats or Deliveroo sent directly to your ePOS for full service restaurant
  • Work efficiently by consolidating online orders on one single screen
  • Use Lightspeed’s reporting tools to see what’s working and spot new opportunities
  • Entice diners to order in by using special promo codes
Reach more customers with Lightspeed’s delivery integration.
From one location to many.

From one location to many.

Lightspeed is a scalable ePOS that grows with your business. Its many built-in tools help you handle complexity and extend your reach.

  • Get actionable data for one or multiple locations with built-in reports
  • Create multiple menus in your ePOS and assign them by time or location
  • Keep service running smoothly with TrueSync Technology
  • Add new locations to your ePOS system in just a few clicks

Take the weight off restaurant management.

Whether at home, on the road or on location, Lightspeed's ePOS system provides reliable tools to manage your entire business.

  • Get ahold of stock control with a range of inventory management tools
  • Meet your restaurant's unique needs with over 57 integrations tailored to work with Lightspeed
  • Plan ahead with a clear overview of business data from one or multiple locations
  • Use employee reports to track performance and optimise your most experienced staff
Take the weight off restaurant management.
Stock control used to be a time-consuming process. Now when we sell an item, it gets automatically removed from our inventory, and recorded in a sales report, saving us a lot of mind-numbing hours at the computer
Ben Ryan Momma Dough

Top restaurant tools available with Lightspeed.

Allow customers to easily find exactly what they want, place orders and complete their payment in record time on a mobile-friendly app.

Consolidate your data for a clear overview of performance across multiple locations.

Get control over your restaurant inventory and collaborate with

Access real time insights on business performance and predict future staffing needs relative to expected

Get the kind of support you've always wanted.

Get the kind of support you've always wanted.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated 24/7 customer support. Get one-on-one onboarding, webinars, demos and videos. All totally free.

Need hardware? We have that too.

Need hardware?
We have that too.

Or use what you already have if that’s easier for you. We offer top-quality gear tailored specifically to your needs and can handle the hustle of your busiest shifts.

Restaurants powered by Lightspeed.

Lightspeed's cloud-based solution keeps the Vaulty Towers bar running without a hitch all night long even if the wifi goes down.

Staff at Gauge can work at any location thanks to Lightspeed's easy-to-use multi-location platform.

Lightspeed provides Absurd Bird managers with extra visibility on shifts and sales no matter where they are.

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