Turn reservations into revenue with OpenTable and Lightspeed

Get to know your guests, automate service and keep track of revenue at no extra cost to your business.

Tap into the world's largest diner network.

OpenTable's integration with Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS gives you the data to get into your diner's heads.

  • Get valuable insight into guests spend and track revenue per diner
  • Streamline service by automating table status
  • Personalise service to guest's specific needs with guest relationship management

Extend your reach online.

Drive reservations to your restaurant with the online platform that connects you with the millions of diners.

  • Get discovered by a wider audience and recieve more bookings
  • Keep in touch with diners using automated email campaigns
  • Offer a broader range of dining experiences like tastings and masterclasses

Ready to optimise reservations with OpenTable?