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Seven years ago, Marianna Kolokotroni opened Oliveology to show the world that Greek food is more than tzatziki and moussaka. From a small selection of olive oil from her farm in Sparta, Marianna has transformed Oliveology into a gourmet food destination nestled in London’s historic Borough Market.

Business type

Retail store

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Lightspeed Retail


London, UK


One of Oliveology’s main challenges was managing inventory. Marianna imports all of her bespoke products from small farms in Greece and, before Lightspeed, she was managing stock with a pen and paper. Inventory levels were out of control—she couldn’t keep up. While old world charm is at the heart of her business, her system needed an update. That’s where Lightspeed Retail came in. “Stock management still takes time and effort, for sure, but it is an awful lot easier,” says Marianna.


Since joining Lightspeed, Marianna uses technology to oversee all aspects of her business. She sees her inventory levels updated in real-time, and knows which hours are optimal for sales and which products are selling best. With an innovative system in place, Marianna can make inventory decisions based on data. “I have no idea how some of these traders here manage to cope and reconcile without this technology, I could never go back!”

"It really saves you a lot of time and allows you to stay on top of your business. Our previous system seems like a century ago now."

Marianna Kolokotroni, Oliveology - London

Oliveology got their inventory levels under control with Lightspeed

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