Marc-Antoine Coulombe wanted to create a space for people to gather, with a staff focused on connecting with patrons. With Lightspeed, he found the technology to support his vision.

If the Village, one of Montréal’s most popular neighborhoods, has always been known for its restaurants and bars, it had stopped being the first choice for new entrepreneurs, who are always on the lookout for emerging and cheaper areas to rent in. The opening of Renard in 2016 has certainly injected some new life into a neighborhood that had, for some while, appeared to live on its past glory. The bar’s immediate success proved that the area still has a lot of potential for new businesses and that great service always attracts customers.

A friendly atmosphere, impeccable decoration, Renard has managed to mix upscale and casual, old and new, with harmony. The staff knows the regulars’ names and their favorite drink. Even the unisex bathroom and its bold floral wallpaper with vivid colors quickly became the ultimate spot to take a selfie. For Marc-Antoine Coulombe, seeing great human interactions in his establishment is what matters the most.

How does Bar Renard get ready for NYE?

New Year's Eve is obviously one of the biggest nights in the industry. So, how does Marc-Antoine prepare for the end of the year? Check out these three tips:

- Create your NYE Facebook event early event to give it the time to gain momentum and run some ads online.
- Plan the holiday staff schedule in November. Not everyone will be available to work and finding extra waiters won't be a walk in the park. Make time to build your holiday team.
- Review your layout for NYE. Make the most of your space and ensure your floor plan is adapted for increased customer and staff traffic.

Every problem...

Every problem...

The challenges of success

The first year is always a “make or break“ for new businesses. Renard didn’t only manage to keep afloat during that year, but the bar’s customer count kept increasing throughout, thanks to happy patrons spreading the word. Now, it is without question one of the hottest spots in town.

If success is hard to reach, sustainable success is a something you never stop working for. With line-ups every weekend outside of the bar, and everyone in town planning to check out this new place to be, Marc-Antoine knew the service had to be better than ever. The first action taken was to hire more staff, but new employees had to be ready to work right away.

... has a solution.

... has a solution.

Technology at your service

Renard found in Lightspeed the solution that can actually help employees work more efficiently and give them time to ask patrons how they’re doing. Renard has built a customer base off of that human and friendly service. The core value of the Renard brand can’t be forgotten, even if delivering on the promise is a challenge when the bar is full.

Because their POS system is intuitive and easy to use, new staff can learn the basics of Lightspeed Restaurant in a few minutes and get to know customers right away. Mobile ordering, customizable menu, editable floor plan on the iPad: all the tools to create a memorable experience are here. Feel like drinking a gin, some fresh cider or grabbing a bite? Renard’s staff welcomes you every day of the week, with the help of Lightspeed. See you there.

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