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  • For restaurants using Lightspeed, 7shifts enables the seamless integration of sales and labor data help create accurate forecasts and more efficient schedules.
  • Users get access to real-time sales and labor data that can be used to reduce labor costs and optimize your restaurant operations.
  • Users can schedule staff more efficiently and automatically create schedules based on forecast demand.

    Reduce your restaurant labor costs up to 3% by integrating your Lightspeed POS with 7shifts.

    Restaurants that use 7shifts:
    – Spend 80% less time scheduling staff
    – Reduce labor costs up to 3%
    – Receive 70% less texts and phone calls from staff

    7shifts is the leading workforce management platform designed to help restaurants save time on scheduling, simplify time-clocking, reduce labor costs, and streamline team communication. 7shifts partners with Lightspeed to share your sales and labor data across platforms, providing the actionable insights you need to grow your restaurant business.

    What real restaurants say about 7shifts:
    “Scheduling staff has never been so straightforward. Budget and costing is easily managed and ALL confusion between staff and management is completely eliminated. Experience has been 100% positive and exceeded expectations and experience with comparable software.”
    – Aaron Webster, Owner, Ebenezer Foods

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