Integrations Inpulse
  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series)
  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (L-Series)
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Inpulse is a supply management platform based on artificial intelligence. It is the first AI platform that anticipates sales and automates operations to accelerate the growth of restaurants, restaurant chains and dark kitchens.

The integration with Lightspeed POS systems has two objectives: first, knowing exactly which products have been sold let’s Inpulse have the actual level of stocks continuously updated. Second, Inpulse algorithms that generate sales forecasts at day, store, product and ingredient level are permanently working and improved based on past sales data (as well as other factors).

  • Assisted with AI, restaurants gain up to 5 points of margin on food costs: no matter how experienced managers are, margin is under control.
  • Managers can anticipate with reliable sales forecasts.
  • Managers are supported to order only what is needed and then reduce losses and stock shortages.
  • Headquarters can control the performance of their restaurant chain in real time to act quickly.

Inpulse revolutionises stock management and supplier orders. You control the performance of your chain in real time to act quickly. More than 1,200 restaurants, dark kitchens, bakeries and grocery store kiosks use Inpulse every day. Inpulse algorithms generate sales forecasts at day, store, product and ingredient level, based on past sales data and external factors such as weather, calendar events and sports events. The solution is implemented in less than 4 weeks and approved by managers for its simplicity and time saved on a daily basis. Head office managers analyse in real time KPIs of their multiple stores, knowing that the margin is under control.

Analytics, Inventory Management, Reporting